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Crash Bandicoot is a Famicom platformer developed and published by Nice Code Software. It was released on an unknown date, likely after 2007 due to Crash on the title screen being stolen from the cover of Crash of the Titans.


Crash Bandicoot (Famicom) Gameplay


The game plays like a simple platformer, to kill enemies you jump on them. The gameplay is similar to the Crash Bandicoot GBA games, specifically Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure and Crash 2: N-Tranced, although stripped to the basics. You use A to jump and B to spin, you can also duck by pressing Down on the controller but there are no places in the game in which this is obligatory to progress. The game has no bosses, and there are only two enemies: A lizard and a man-eating plant.

Crates appear through-out the levels, like the other Crash Bandicoot games, but they don't reward you with gem for breaking them all. There are also various crates missing, as the only crates there are are the normal crate, the '?' crate and the metal and wooden bouncy crates. Both the normal and '?' crates give out one Wumpa Fruit but they're useless as the game doesn't have a Wumpa Fruit counter and you don't get an extra life after getting 100 of them.

There are 4 levels: The first level takes place in a village, the second level takes place in a jungle, and the last 2 levels take place in ancient ruins. After finishing the fourth level, the game abruptly ends with an image of Crash giving a thumbs up with the words 'END' on screen



  • There are unused sprites for other crates such as the TNT crate and the extra life crate.[1]