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Crayon Shin-Chan (蠟筆小新) is a pirate Famicom port of Crayon Shin-Chan 2: Dai Maō no Gyakushū for Super Famicom, made by Cony Soft under the alias Future Media in 1995.


Crayon Shin-Chan (Ch) -!--1


The game starts with the Future Media logo. Like all other games made by them, unlike the majority of Famicom games, you use B to jump instead of A. The game itself is very simple. The player only needs to jump over the enemies in the levels. The game has 4 stages. The stage select allows the player to select the first three levels. Every stage has a boss. Once the first three stages are beaten, the fourth stage is accessible. Once the fourth stage is beaten, the game immediately cuts to the credits before returning to the title screen.


  • Programming : Derek SUNG, Bill LIN
  • Animation: David YEH, Terry CHENG
  • Music : Victor LII
  • Test: Super Soft Team Group

Differences between original[]

  • The original game is in Japanese. As the Future Media port was intended for Taiwanese audiences, the language for this version seen here is Chinese.
  • The original game has an intro, while the port cuts it out along with all cutscenes.
  • Stage 2 in the original game is platform-styled. However, Stage 2 in the Future Media version is another beat-em-up styled level.
  • Some stages of the Future Media port are laid out differently from the original game. However, there are some exceptions in which (e.x. parts of Stage 1, Stage 3, and Stage 4) the layout for a stage is intact.
  • The sub-stages of Stage 4 are not present in this version.
  • In the Future Media port, Stage 4 is called "A" and has different graphic.
  • For the Future Media port, unlike the original game, the player cannot use the Super Hero powerup and throw things at the same time.