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Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん Kureyon Shinchan), internationally known as simply Shin Chan, is a Japanese manga and anime series written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui. The series follows the adventures of a five-year old boy named Shinnosuke Nohara and his parents, his dog, his little sister and his friends. They live in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Despite its popularity in China, it was a less popular target for bootleggers, however there are few bootleg games for it.

Crayon Shin-Chan 2: Dai Maō no Gyakushū[]

Crayon Shin-Chan 2: Dai Maou no Gyakushu ("Crayon Shin-Chan 2: The Demon Lord's Counterattack") is a platformer based on the Crayon Shin-Chan anime and manga. The player, as the mischievous kindergartner Shin-chan, must rescue his favorite super hero Action Kamen ("Action Mask") from his prison before Action Kamen's supervillain nemesis Haiguremaou can take over both Action Kamen's and Shin-chan's worlds. Many of the bosses are transformed versions of Shin-chan's friends and family.

Future Media made an adaption of the game simply titled "Crayon Shin-Chan" on NES, with a downgrade on gameplay and graphics due to hardware limitations.

Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai Henshin[]

Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai Henshin is an Action game, developed by TOSE and published by Bandai, which was released in Japan in 1994.

The game was famous for being pirated as Super Mario 4, which removed all mentions of the anime/manga series and instead focusing on Mario.