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Cube Technology (立方科技有限公司), also known as CubeTac, is a Chinese developer of game software for VR Technology's OneBus hardware.

Cube Technology claims to have been founded in 2004, but only adopted its current name in 2008[1]. It is likely that the company was known prior to 2008 as Yimeike (usually shortened to YMK in-game) or Imaigoo[2]. The company is based out of Shenzhen.

Some sort of relationship exists between Cube and JungleTac; a developer named Wise Wang is credited on Cube's English Alibaba page[3], but is also credited in JungleTac's EmuVT emulation software. Wise Wang may also be connected to a company called Shenzhen Biikoo Technology Co. (深圳市碧空科技有限公司) - archived versions of its website from 2008 contain references to EmuVT and game development[4] and the name appears in a VT168 demo available from VR Technology's site.

Cube's games have appeared on consoles manufactured by Macro Winners, Subor (in which case they usually contain a Chinese copyright number registered by Waixing), and Advance Bright Ltd..

Games overview[]

VTxx series (VT02/03)[]

The first Cube Technology systems, released around 2004, were VT03-based. A notable set of Cube Tech releases were the "Game Sporz" plug & plays; which contained a single, originally programmed sports game (such as Tennis or Boxing) and a number of Famicom/NES hacks. Each sports game was the main feature of its respective console, and they utilized motion control. The hacks are comparable to those released by Inventor, though are somewhat more "generic" conceptually.

Standard 8-bit hacks were being made around the same time. Few are original, and most are just regular games or already existing Inventor hacks with removed or modified title screens, and occasionally different colors. Presumably due to this, some Cube Tech VT02 hacks often appear alongside the proper Inventor releases in plug & plays.

Outside of the sports games, several other VT03 originals were produced by Cube Tech; most, if not all of them are clones of early 2000s Flash games. These games feature sampled music on the title screen, and sampled sound effects (with no accompanying music) in-game. Variants of these games were published by Waixing, which feature standard, NES-capable music. The Waixing variants are much more common than the Cube Tech originals, to the point where many games have only been found in their Waixing form.

VT16x series (VT168/1682)[]

Many later Cube Technology games were based on the VT168 (or VT1682) chipset; a further derivative of the Famicom/NES hardware. The VT168 games are mostly originally-coded titles, with very few hacks present. These games often sample music from various sources, rather than having original music created for them.

For unclear reasons, there are four different "sets" of Cube Tech VT168 games; on some plug & plays, these are categorized as "Drum Game", "Fun Games", and just "Game" for the latter three, while the first set is merely called "17 in 1". It is likely that these modes were originally designed for separate consoles - though they were generally combined and used together on Wii clone systems, regardless of their presumed origin. Additionally, some Wii clones bundle the Cube Tech titles with the Waixing VT168 library.

VT36x series (VT368/369)[]

Beginning in the early-to-mid 2010s, very advanced NES hacks began appearing on plug & plays and handhelds, which are suspected to be from Cube Tech. Using VT368 (or VT369) technology, the graphic capabilities of the NES are upscaled to 8BPP - roughly the output of a 32-bit device, making the hacks almost resemble a PlayStation game in appearance. On plug & plays, the screen ratio is doubled, making the graphics look larger and less pixely (although the size is downscale for handheld devices). The music is sampled from various royalty-free songs, along with the sound effects.


An upscaled game compared to the original version.

TV-based systems will often bundle these with some generic sports titles, some lightgun games (the gun notably uses an external sensor, allowing it to work on modern TVs) and a Dance Dance Revolution clone. Handhelds, which are usually shaped like mini arcade machines, fill more game slots with earlier Cube Tech releases (both VT03 and VT168) and several Waixing and Nice Code games, some of which feature sampled audio.

Most of the VT368 hacks are adapted from NROM/"mapper 0" Famicom/NES releases. They usually feature similar graphics to the originals, with a few minor changes (additional colors, shading, etc). The amount of lives the player is given is often increased, and is sometimes infinite.

The games are far more common on handhelds than plug & plays; the handheld versions, however, feature many glitches and render some games unplayable. For example, in Jungle Max I, a Donkey Kong Jr. hack, the game crashes after the first level is completed. These handhelds also often don't contain hacks of very famous games (Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., and Tetris).

VT03 original games[]

Note: This list only features games which are verified to have a Cube Technology-published variant. For additional games developed by Cube Technology that were exclusively published by Waixing, see here.

World Soccer games[]

These titles were seemingly designed for a World Soccer TV Game plug & play, originally released by Taikee. This console also includes hacks of the Famicom/NES version of Soccer ("Soccer Cup Final") and Power Soccer ("6-A-Side Football").

  • Football Smash - a "match-3" puzzle game.
  • Football Training - the player is moved in a circular motion, and must repeatedly move (either clockwise or counter-clockwise) to catch the ball and kick it into the goal.
  • Goals - kick the ball into the holes on the wall.
  • Penalty Shootout - kick the ball into the net guarded by the goalie; played in a first-person perspective.
  • Soccer Arkanoid - as its name suggests, it is a soccer-themed version of a Breakout or Arkanoid-style game. After all bricks are cleared, the player must kick the ball into the goal at the top of the screen. A VT368 hack of the game was also produced (titled "Beat Brick").
  • Soccer Ball - kick the ball upward to hit balloons. A VT368 hack of the game was also produced (titled "Strongman").
  • Table Soccer - a Foosball game.
  • Worldwide Top Soccer - kick the ball as it moves across the field into the net while avoiding hitting the goalie.

Game Sporz original games[]

  • Super Knock Out - a first-person boxing game.
  • Super Ping Pong - a first-person ping pong game.
  • Ultra VR Tennis - a first-person tennis game.

Other games[]

  • Access Block - A "match-3" puzzle game. Later re-published by Waixing; the Waixing version uses a rendition of Terriermon's theme from Digimon Battle Spirit.
  • Cat vs. Dog - The player controls a dog, and must strategically aim to throw bones at a cat; taking turns, the cat will throw rocks back at the dog. It is somewhat similar to Worms or Microsoft's Gorillas. Later re-published by Waixing; the Waixing version uses a rendition of the Winnie the Pooh theme.
  • Germ Killer - Clone of the Flash game Happy Pill. The player must aim a pill to hit frowning faces until they smile; if the pill hits the same face too many times, it will disturbingly "die" and turn into a skull. A VT368 hack of the game was also produced (under the same name). Later re-published by Waixing; the Waixing version uses a weirdly off-putting rendition of the theme to Gentlemen of Fortune, a Soviet comedy film.
  • Helli-Mission - Clone of the Flash game Helicopter. An endless game where the player must guide the always-moving helicopter through obstacles. Some releases change the title to "Heli-Mission" (without the extra L); though in all releases, the high-score screen humorously spells "Name" as "NMAE". Later re-published by Waixing; the Waixing version uses a rendition of the "Tim 2" tune from Lemmings.
  • Jumpman - Clone of NS-Shaft, though with additional bonus items to collect. Some variants are renamed "Fatso Jumper".
  • Magical Kitchen - Clone of the Flash game Tomato Bounce; most graphics are retained from the original. The player must catch the fruits and vegetables as they jump off of the counter. A VT368 hack of the game was also produced (under the same name). Later re-published by Waixing; the Waixing version uses what is possibly a rendition of the Rugrats theme.
  • Pop Monster - The player must jump to the platform above them, similar to Nice Code's Frantic Mouse. A VT368 hack of the game was also produced (titled "Jump Mouse"). Later re-published by Waixing.
  • Water Fire - Clone of the Flash game Toon Marooned: Protect the Fire; the Looney Tunes characters are replaced with a generic rabbit and dog. The player (the rabbit) must sink the dog's fire rafts in the water, without sinking theirs. Later re-published by Waixing.
  • Wave Tiger - Top-down shooting game similar to Depthcharge.
  • X Ball - The player must remove all marbles from the board; this is done by moving the marbles to jump over each other, which will eliminate that marble. A VT368 hack of the game was also produced (titled "Ball Eliminator"). Later re-published by Waixing.

VT168 Games[]

Guitar Revolution[]

Guitar Revolution is a Guitar Hero clone. Inexplicably, the game is composed entirely of classical music pieces (Carmen Overture, Turkish March etc.) poorly played on electric guitar with heavy shredding. The notes do not match up with the actual song being played, and some songs end before the game itself finishes. The available songs include:

  • Carmen Overture
  • Country Path
  • Dance of the Little Swans
  • Four Seasons
  • Gear Solo
  • Radetzky March
  • Rainy Melody
  • Turkish March

"Drum Game"[]

"Drum Game" is a "category" of eight unnamed rhythm games; each game features only one song. The first four games effectively have the same rules as each other, but are presented in a different way visually (e.g. having the targets move in a different direction). An alternate version of the software only features three games, with the songs themselves altered. The "drum games" include:

  • A Taiko no Tatsujin clone with yin yang symbols in place of Don and Ka.
  • A game with three people rowing a dragon boat; the game says "Ho, Hey, Ho" upon every correct hit.
  • A game with two large bongos in front of a stage; appears to use graphics from a "dress-up doll" website.
  • A game with two girls clapping their hands, reusing the Four Seasons music from Guitar Revolution. The "alternate" version of the game replaces the song with a vocal cover of "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)".
  • A game where a series of numbers appear in front of a 3D-rendered woman dancing.
  • A game where a blue, Darth Vader-like character must hit incoming asteroids with his lightsabers.
  • A game where a man must smash vases by punching and kicking them.
  • Oddly, a hack of Pinball for the NES with a Chinese dragon theme. This is the only known hack of a preexisting game in the Cube Tech VT168 library.

Aero Runner[]

Aero Runner (also referred to as "Fun Games" in the console menus) is another set of eight untitled rhythm games, seemingly created in 2008; each game has a two-player mode. Four of these games are basic Dance Dance Revolution clones with altered graphics; unlike the "drum games", these do not change any aspects of the gameplay whatsoever. The title screen for this game seems to suggest it was originally intended to use a DDR pad-like controller, albeit with the four buttons laid out horizontally rather than in a cross pattern. The Aero Runner games include:

  • The DDR clone with a sailboat and dancing ducks in the background.
  • A game where the player must launch cannonballs at pirate ships.
  • The DDR clone with strange, flashing background graphics of girls and butterflies, likely taken from a "dress-up doll" website.
  • The DDR clone with a peeing cherub fountain in the background.
  • The DDR clone with four snowmen.
  • A Track & Field-like running game; notably, some signs in the background read "VT1682".
  • A game where the player must blow bubblegum bubbles faster than the opponent.
  • A racing game where the player must dodge obstacles. Inexplicably, the background music is a heavily compressed copy of "In Bloom" by Nirvana, with the vocals retained.

Wii clone sports games[]

These games appear to have originally been produced for the Zone game console (though have also appeared on other plug & plays); in particular, Extreme Power Soccer features "Zone" labeling on the stadium. Note that some VT168 consoles mix a selection of Cube Technology and Waixing sports games together.

  • Baseball World League - A baseball game featuring prerendered 3D graphics.
  • Bowling Master - A rather poor first-person bowling game.
  • Extreme Power Soccer - A soccer kicking/goalkeeping game.
  • Fishing Master - A fishing game.
  • Master Golf - A golf game.
  • Table Tennis - An updated version of the VT03-based Super Ping Pong.
  • TV Boxing - A heavily updated version of the VT03-based Super Knock Out.
  • VR Tennis - World Champ - A heavily updated version of the VT03-based Ultra VR Tennis; features prerendered 3D graphics.

Other games, set 1[]

This set of games is simply labeled "17 in 1" in the plug & play menus. Compared to the other Cube Tech VT168 game sets, these games are mostly comprised of clones of other video games. A set of original human characters are shared across many of these games.

  • Apex Gun - a scrolling vertical shooter similar to 1942; also called Sky Fighter.
  • Armored Fox - a first-person tank game.
  • Aqua-Mix - a Puyo Puyo-like puzzle game; uses sound effects from Puzzle Bobble.
  • Boom Blocks - clone of Tetris. A graphic hack exists titled Maze Ball.
  • Dodge Ball - a Pong-like game. Rather than getting the ball directly across to the opponent's side, the player must hit a row of coins before the ball can pass through.
  • Fancy - a direct clone of Keeper for the Super Famicom, with the original graphics intact.
  • Farm Keeper - repeatedly bounce the falling peaches off of the monkey's back and get them to the other side of the screen.
  • Hammer - clone of Mr. Do!'s Castle.
  • Harry - a puzzle game somewhat similar to Flipull.
  • Last Hero - a vertical shooting game with a military theme; also called Tiger Man.
  • Loop Legend - a puzzle game where the player must grab bouncing, colored balls and throw them below the bridge; then clear lines of the respective color. The game misspells the word "Scene" as "Sence".
  • Pets Crossing - a Frogger clone featuring a green cat; also called Cross River.
  • Pro Crack - clone of Pang!; also called Popo.
  • Rigged Hammer - clone of Wrecking Crew '98; also called Build Man.
  • Smart Bomber - clone of Bomberman.
  • Virtual Table Soccer - a Foosball game; possibly adapted from the VT03 Table Soccer game.
  • Unnamed game - a game where the player must "clean" a picture while avoiding touching a ghost; it plays similarly to the "lawn mowing" games seen on other plug & play consoles. While the game has a title screen, no title logo is actually present; though a graphic hack of the game exists titled Sweeper.

Other games, set 2[]


Title screen to Cat.

The final "category" of Cube Tech VT168 titles is, quite literally, just called "Game" in the plug & play menus; it is comprised of 24 games total. The games of this type feature actual game titles; however, they are incredibly simple names, and often include a real picture of the subject in question (e.g. a game called "Cat", which features a stock image of a tabby cat as the title screen). Several of these games are Track & Field-like titles (similar to some of the Aero Runner games) where the player must quickly mash two buttons to play.

The games of this set include:

  • Backgammon - modified from an 8-bit version of unknown source; this version having enhanced graphics.
  • Boxing - a "two-button masher" game; also called Shadowbox. A graphic hack exists titled Boxing Match.
  • The Car - move the marked cars to create a path for the red car to cross.
  • Cat - move the colored cats into their respective, colored area.
  • Duel - a wild west-themed shootout game.
  • Firecracker - a Pipe Mania-like game; also called Pipes.
  • Honor and Peace - a top-down, military-themed shooting game.
  • Ice World - collect the number tiles in numerical order. Nonsensically, the "Ice World" logo is rendered out of fire. Also called Route.
  • Maggie and Anto - a loose adaption of Bubble Bobble that appears to be endless; the bubbles do not move while an enemy is trapped inside them.
  • Master Slam - a boxing game from a side perspective.
  • Maze - guide the boy through the correct path(s) in order to get a key to open a treasure chest.
  • Monkey King Monkey King - a side-scrolling shooting game.
  • Motorboat - a top-down racing game.
  • Precipice - use the tiles to make a path for the boy to cross.
  • Push Boxs - a Soukoban clone.
  • Push Gem - use the arrow buttons to move the tiles and line them up to the image above. A graphic hack exists titled Stone Age.
  • Rabbit - navigate the rabbit to strategically bounce off of the walls to reach the carrot.
  • Racehorse - a "two-button masher" game; also called Horse Race.
  • Sea Wolf Yourself - a side-scrolling shooting game; the player controls a submarine on the surface of the water, and must shoot obstacles both above and below the surface.
  • Skateboard - a "two-button masher" game. The game has "obstacles" on the ground - including a dancing pig and, bizarrely, sleeping dogs that meow - but they are merely visual, with the player automatically jumping over them anyway.
  • Smart Eye - choose the image with the highest number total.
  • Squirrel - the player controls a squirrel with a plunger gun. Climbing a tree, he must shoot plungers to catch falling acorns, which are launched towards the three female squirrels on the opposite side of the screen. The girl squirrels will leave if they are not fed acorns in time, resulting in a game over.
  • StrongMAN - a "two-button masher" game; also called Hercules.
  • SuperSky - a first-person fighting game. A graphic hack exists titled Fighting Man.

Other games, set 3[]

This set of games use prerendered, psuedo-3D graphics; including hacking preexisting games into this artstyle (e.g. hacking SuperSky into Fighting Man).

  • Darts - a virtual dartboard game.
  • Edacity Snakes - a snake game with no outer wall borders, allowing the player to move freely in any direction; also called Gluttonous Snake. Curiously, Waixing's plug & play version(s) snake variants are also titled Edacity Snakes.
  • Header - loose clone of the "Soccer Heading" minigame from Wii Fit.
  • Quasi-Archery - an archery game.
  • Roll Ball - maneuver the marble(s) into the holes.
  • Shoot Hoop - a basketball game; also called just Basketball.
  • Skee - a skiing game.
  • Sky Roller - roll the marble across the playfield to reach the end; the game is incredibly short and only one level long.
  • Space Ghost - a space shooting game; also called UFO.

VT368 original games[]

"Mi-Strike" lightgun games[]

These games use an external, wireless lightgun on TV-based systems. A few of the games were converted to work on handheld devices, in which they are navigated via a virtual crosshair.

  • Balloon Shooter
  • Bottle Cap Memory - a card-matching game.
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Clay Shooter
  • Deer Hunter
  • Duck Hunter - clone of Duck Hunt for the NES, retaining elements such as the dog but with more realistic graphics. Also appears on handhelds.
  • Expert Marksman
  • Garden War
  • Gift Collector
  • Missiles - also appears on handhelds.
  • Mole Whacker - a Whac-a-Mole game. Also released without lightgun control (and on handhelds) as Mole Whack.
  • Mushroom Defender
  • Penguins - also appears on handhelds.
  • Street Shooter - also appears on handhelds as Street Man.
  • Super Shooter - also appears on handhelds.
  • Target Practice 1
  • Target Practice 2 - seemingly based on the "Shooting Range" minigame from Wii Play.
  • Target Practice 3
  • Tower Protector
  • Toy Shooter

Other games[]

  • Battle Zone - a Plants vs. Zombies clone; also called China Corpse.
  • Fruit Couping - a mahjong solitaire game.
  • Magic Ball - a basic SameGame clone.
  • Match Up - match the balls into the respective colored jars.
  • Math Genuis - a basic math test.
  • Music Composer - clone of the electronic board game Simon with five colors instead of four.
  • Painting - a virtual coloring book; one of the pages is a picture of Bambi.
  • Photo Puzzle - a slide puzzle game.
  • Picture Magic - clone of Lights Out!.
  • Picture Matcher - a card-matching game; uses the same graphics as Picture Magic.
  • Shepherd - guide the sheep into the exit without letting them escape.
  • Sudoku
  • Zoology - an animal soundboard.
  • Unknown table tennis game - played from a first-person perspective; possibly adapted from the Super Ping Pong VT03 game.

Unknown hardware games[]

These games are known to appear on several handheld systems as VT369 hardware conversions; it is unknown what hardware type, or what "set" of games, that they originally belonged to.

  • Backgammon - appears to be VT02-based, though features sampled audio; was later modified into a VT168 version.
  • Blue Jack - the player controls two Mario-like characters who move opposite of each other (similar to Binary Land) in order to water flowers. Likely a VT168 game originally.
  • Cube - The player picks up Tetris-like brick formations, and attempts to fill a grid with them (without leaving blank areas). The game has only been found as unused code in mini arcade machine consoles.
  • Dice - select the die with the highest number.
  • Find Difference - a spot-the-difference game.
  • Funny Coins - clear vertical or horizontal lines of the same value/color coin.
  • Gluttonous Dog - the player controls a dog on a skateboard, and must jump up to eat food flying across the screen; while avoiding eating grenades, which causes the dog to explode.
  • Let's Count - a math game with three multiple-choice answers.
  • Love's Arrow - The player must shoot through both hearts simultaneously with Cupid's bow and arrow. The game has only been found as unused code in mini arcade machine consoles.
  • Rotation - line up the faces as the picture illustrates.
  • Speed Type - type the word(s) faster than the opponent.
  • Stainless Glass
  • Sum+ It Up - click number tiles equal to the number requested.
  • Western Restaurant - line up the plates in the order flashed on the screen.
  • Unknown Zuma clone - A Zuma clone with different level layouts and an ancient Egyptian theme. The game has only been found as unused code in mini arcade machine consoles; however, a VT168 version (possibly its origin) appears on some Waixing consoles as Pyramid.


List of hacks

List of all hacks produced by Cube Technology.


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