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|Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
|Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
|Dual Hoopers
|Dual Hoopers
|Some graphics are modified from ''New Super Mario Bros''. The game crashes on handhelds after a specific level, but does not crash on plug 'n plays.
|Some graphics are modified from ''New Super Mario Bros''. The artwork on the title screen is modified from the boxart of the DS game ''Adibou - Je Joue a Lire et a Compter''. The game crashes on handhelds after a specific level, but does not crash on plug 'n plays.

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This page list hacks developed (or believed to be developed) by Cube Technology. Some notes about the listing:

VTxx games

  • The games only seem to have originally been included on a series of sport-themed plug 'n plays called Game Sporz.
  • Music and sound effects are left intact unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Several of the hacks listed here have not been found on any consoles so far. Their descriptions are inferred from screenshots on an old Cube Technology website.
  • A few systems (such as the Multicade 230) rename the hacks to their original unhacked game's titles for unknown reasons.

VT368 games

  • Most, if not all, of the VT368 hacks feature both a standard version and one that doubles the screen resolution. The upscaled hacks are found on plug 'n plays, with the standard ones being featured on handhelds.
    • The larger-resolution variants are very difficult to find, and are only known to be featured on two systems - the Interactive TV Shooting Game and a specific variant of the MiWi (BS-9800).
  • Every hack changes the music and sound effects to be sampled from royalty-free sources. They are slightly faster and higher-pitched in the upscaled versions.
  • The amount of lives in each game is increased, and is sometimes infinite.
  • Inexplicably, the ability to pause is removed in every game.
  • All VT368 hacks (except for Dual Hoopers) completely remove the title screen; the first option on the respective game's selection menu is automatically chosen, with the others inaccessible.
  • On plug 'n plays, the 1P and 2P controls are combined into one joystick. While the 2P modes aren't accessible anyway, this allows games like Bananas to work with more standard controls.


  • A handful of standard VT02 hacks were developed by Cube Technology. They are difficult to differentiate from Inventor hacks, so they have been listed on the Inventor/List of hacks page instead.

VTxx games

Original Game Hack Name(s) Notes
Adventure Island Venture Master Higgins is replaced with Winnie the Pooh.
Arkanoid Pocket
B-Wings Galaxy Arrow
Balloon Fight Beat Ballute
Battle City S move
Binary Land Tryst
Bomb Sweeper (homebrew) Smart Andy
Bomberman Bomber Girl
Brush Roller Pengoo
BurgerTime Cooker Deli
Chack'n Pop Surviver Music is intentionally corrupted.
Challenger Cairo X-Press
Championship Lode Runner Andy Brown Seemingly unrelated to Cube Tech's Andy Brown toy (their Pinball hack, Lucky Ball, is).
Choujikuu Yousai - Macross Max Rocket
Clu Clu Land Bounce Wave
Dig Dug Underground Battle Music is intentionally corrupted.
Duck Maze Trooper Humorously misspelled "Maze Tpooper" on several systems.
Duck Hunt Mars UFO II
Elevator Action Spy vs Spy Combat
F-1 Race Xtreme Race
Field Combat Fina Rescue
Fire Dragon Star Train
Flappy Pro Genius
Galaga X-Ranger Based on the PAL version, making the game run faster than it should.
Geimos Hexcity X
Gyrodine Z-Trek
Hexa Magic Ball
Joust Turbo Weapon The main character appears to be a mixture between a Mario 1 Cheep-Cheep and Malon from Binary Land.
Mach Rider Gear Master
Magmax 3D Machine
Mappy Bounce Robot
Mighty Bomb Jack X-Jump Bomb Jack is replaced with a modified version of Chack'n Pop, and enemies are replaced with Pac-Man ghosts from Pac-Attack.
Millipede Bug Fight
Ninja-kun - Majou no Bouken Niko Man The enemies are replaced with poorly-colored Mappys.
Nuts & Milk Monster's Lamp
Onyanko Town Cimi Home
Pac-Man Eat Bean
Penguin-kun Wars Fire Ball
Pinball Lucky Ball The title screen and playfield features Andy Brown, a Teddy Ruxpin-like toy bear released by Cube Tech in the early 2000s.
Pooyan Maze Arrow
Power Soccer 6-A-Side Football
Raid on Bungeling Bay Aero Gyrodine
Seicross Mega Trek 3
Sky Destroyer Mars UFO
Slalom Ski
SonSon Bit-Bit Mon
Space Invaders Aggressor The (second) title screen still says Space Invaders.
Spelunker Ghost Zero Trap
Sqoon Deep Fighter
Star Force Star Wars
Super Arabian Mag Fox
Super Dyna'mix Badminton Badminton Features Hebrew (?) text on the title screen; what it translates to is unknown.
Super Mario Bros. Bobby Go
Thexder Xtreme Robot
The Tower of Druaga Sworo Shine
Warpman Bunny's Mighty Features no bunnies whatsoever.
Wrecking Crew Wrecking
Xevious Mars Attack
Zippy Race GooGoo Race
Zunou Senkan Galg Space Arrow

VT368 games

Original Game Hack Name(s) Notes
10-Yard Fight Rugby Fight
1942 Battle Field
Adventure Island Fruit Eater
Arkanoid Wall Breaker
Argus Shuttle Attack
Astro Robo Sasa Balloon Warrior
B-Wings Air Socker
Balloon Fight Balloon Zone
Baltron Battle Field 2
Battle City Tanks
Binary Land Tryst
Bird Week Birds
Bomb Sweeper (homebrew) Smart Girl
Bomberman Maze Bomber The bomb explosions cover a much larger radius than the original game.
Brush Roller Pro Sweeper
Bump 'n Jump Roads Starts on level 2.
Chack'n Pop Survival
Challenger Train Saver
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Dual Hoopers Some graphics are modified from New Super Mario Bros. The artwork on the title screen is modified from the boxart of the DS game Adibou - Je Joue a Lire et a Compter. The game crashes on handhelds after a specific level, but does not crash on plug 'n plays.
Choplifter Defender
Choujikuu Yousai - Macross Space Fighter
Chubby Cherub Fruit Collector The upscaled version features a different playable character than the non-upscaled version.
Circus Charlie Acrobatics
City Connection Combat Cars
Clu Clu Land Gold Finder
Dig Dug Underground Battle
Donkey Kong Jr. Jungle Max 1 The game crashes on handhelds after level 1, but does not crash on plug 'n plays. Junior and Mario are intact.
Donkey Kong 3 Bee Sting Donkey Kong himself is intact, but lacks body fur and is wearing jeans.
Donkey Kong Jr. Math Match Up Locked in 2P mode, ultimately making the game pointless. Same graphics as Jungle Max 1.
Dynamite Bowl Super Bowling
Elevator Action Robbers
Excitebike Motorcycles
Exerion Earth Defender
Family Computer Othello Chess
Field Combat Radar
Flappy Genius
Flipull Color Balls
Front Line Troopers
Galaga X-Ranger
Geimos Space War 2
Germ Killer (Cube Technology original) Germ Killer
Gnome vs KDE Bingo (homebrew) Number Puzzle Locked in 2P mode, ultimately making the game pointless.
Golf Golfer
Gomoku Narabe Maze Link
Gradius Enemy Attacker
Gyrodine Trek
Gyromite Bananas Only appears on plug 'n plays and not handhelds due to its control layout.
Hexa Bead Switch
Hurry Burry (Nice Code) Tent
Ice Climber Ice Climb Some variations star Popo (blue climber), while others star Nana (pink climber).
Ikki Ninjas
Joust Wing Fighter
King's Knight Enemy Hunt The enemies are replaced with Gloom, Tangela, and Kakuna from Pokemon.
Kinnikuman - Muscle Tag Match Wrestling
Magic Bubble (Nice Code) Shapes
Magic Jewelry Bead
Magic Mathematic Math Genius
Magical Kitchen (Cube Technology original) Magical Kitchen
Mappy Bonaza Bounce Crashes after the first bonus round. The trampolines do not change color when bounced on, and the scoreboard is glitched.
Mario Bros. Maze Adventure
Mickey Mousecapade Exit There is far less health than in the original, making the game rather difficult.
Mighty Bomb Jack Diamonds
Millipede Bug Fight
Moai-kun Pillar Break
Ms. Pac-Man (Tengen) Ms. Power-Ball Still stars Ms. Pac-Man herself.
Mystery Quest Terminal The upscaled version features a different playable character than the non-upscaled version.
Nibbles (homebrew) Worms Loops level 1 over and over, never advancing to level 2.
Ninja JaJaMaru-kun Ghost Adventure
Ninja Hattori-kun Ninja Stars The upscaled version features a different playable character than the non-upscaled version.
Ninja-kun - Majou no Bouken Climb Up
Nuts & Milk Candy Eater
Onyanko Town Rabbit Girl Still stars the mother cat from the original and not a rabbit.
Othello (Bit Corp.) Balloon Chess
Pac-Land Bee Jumper Pac-Man is replaced with one of the enemies from Snow Bros 2. The controls were hacked to be more traditional.
Pac-Man Bean Eater Music is very glitched. Pac-Man and the ghosts are still present, albeit colored strangely.
Palamedes II: Star Twinkles Constellation
Peepar Time Key Finder
The Penguin & Seal Iceberg
Penguin-kun Wars Dodge the Ball
Pinball Lucky Ball
Pooyan Maze Arrow
Pop Monster (Cube Technology original) Jump Mouse
Popeye Rescue the Girl
Pyramid Pyramid
Q*bert Box Jump Slick and Sam's sprites were blacked out, making them appear invisible.
Raid on Bungeling Bay Fighter Plane
Road Fighter Drift Racing
Route-16 Turbo Car Treasure
Soccer Soccer Cup Final
SonSon Sky Walker
Space Invaders Shelters
Spelunker Underground
Spy vs. Spy Secret Mission
Sqoon Sea Fighter
Star Force Spacewar
Star Gate Air Buster
Star Luster Galaxy War
Super Mario Bros. Jumper Visually similar to Inventor's Pandamar SMB1 hack.
Tennis Animal Tennis
Tetris (Tengen) Magic Cube
The Tower of Druaga Sword Combat
TwinBee Bomb Release
Urban Champion Street War
Warpman Mighty Boys
Wisdom Boy Pattern Puzzle
The World of Card Game Cards
Xevious Ship Defender
Xiao Ma Li Lucky Candy
Zippy Race Motor Racer Crashes after level 1.
Zunou Senkan Galg Galaxy War 2
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