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DVS Electronic Co. was a publisher of SNES games and manufacturer of accessories.

The likely identity of this company is 生存實業有限公司 Shengcun Industry Co., based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, who owned the trademarks on 'DVS'[2], its disc logo[3] and 'Game Genius'[4].

SNES games[]

DVS is only explicitly credited in two games, but a number of other SNES games appear to have been made by the same developers and may have been published by them.

Versions of some of these games were released for the Sega Mega Drive, but DVS is not known to have published for that system.


Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
Pocket Monster
  • Mega Drive
  • SNES
September 1998 (SNES) Mega Drive version also exists.
December 2000 (Mega Drive)
Soul Edge VS Samurai SNES
The King of Fighters 2000 SNES 2000
Aladdin 2000 SNES 2000 Only credited when viewing the ROM, a title screen hack of the game called Aladdin II removes the DVS credit.


(likely the same developers but not confirmed to be published by DVS)

Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
A Bug's Life
  • Mega Drive
  • SNES
2000 Mega Drive version also exists.
Ayrton Senna F1 Racing
  • SNES
1996? The DVS logo can be found on later reprints of the cartridge, but no info about DVS can be found in the ROM.
Dragon Ball: Final Bout
  • Mega Drive
  • SNES
  • GBC
1998 (Mega Drive) Mega Drive version also exists.
  • Mega Drive
  • SNES
1999 Unofficial SNES port of Gamtec's Squirrel King for Mega Drive
Pokémon Gold Silver SNES
Street Fighter EX + Alpha SNES July 1997
Tekken 2 SNES 1996/1997 (Undetermined)
X-Men vs. Street Fighter SNES February 1998

"Game Genius" products[]

DVS is credited, with the same logo found on its SNES games, on the "GameGenius V5.0" cheat disc for the PlayStation.[5]

A number of other products were released under the "Game Genius" name, such as Game Boy flash carts, albeit without explicit credit to DVS.[6]


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