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The Daewoo Zemmix is a home video game console by Daewoo Electronics, released in 1984 and discontinued in 1995. The Zemmix is nothing more than an MSX home computer refitted into a home console-like shell, and because of that, many of the games released for it are also compatible with the MSX.

Overview Edit


The Zommix, a clone of the Zemmix.

As the Zemmix is a re-shelled MSX console, absolutely everything about it (with the exception of the shell) are extremely similar. As the Zemmix lacked the floppy disk drives of the MSX, all games for it were released on cartridges. Zemina also released a 4-slot divider for up to four players to play a game at once, a Famicom Converter, RAM Expansion carts, a keyboard and music-making program, and various upgrades for the Zemmix (also compatible with the MSX and MSX2).

Trivia Edit


Music making program for the Zemmix.

  • Zemina wasn't the only developer for the Zemmix. Other companies include Clover, Topia, Prosoft, Daou Tech, Zemmix, Micro Zemina, and FA Soft, although it is possible that some are just aliases for Zemina, with Zemmix and Micro Zemina being almost obvious.