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Dallyeora Pigu-Wang (달려라 피구왕, literally as Run! Dodgeball King) is a sports game made for Samsung Gam*Boy, the Korean version of Sega Master System by Open Corp., released at the end of 1995.


The game does not have a story to follow, just two modes: 1P VS COM, when Player 1 plays against CPU and 1P VS 2P, when Player 1 plays against Player 2. The game play looks similar to Super Dodge Ball on NES, but the characters differs from that game.


The game seems to be based on an 90's manga-anime called Honou no Doukyuuji: Dodge Danpei, as the main character of the game looks similar to the protagonist of the anime. Dodge Danpei had a lot of games released in Japan between 1992-1993, generally published by Sunsoft, Hudson and, on their own platforms, Sega. So, Dallyeora Pigu-Wang probably is based on one of these games.