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Dance Master is a plug and play dance mat made by Advanced Bright Limited that was released in 2003. It shares many similarities with other dance mats running on famiclone hardware.


Once you boot on the system, you’re greeted with a menu featuring a fiery background and 3 selectable games. Those being “DANCING GAME”, “PINBALL GAME”, and “KNOCK OUT GAME” (TETRIS GAME on some releases) with a rendition of "I Need To Know" by Mark Anthony.

Dancing Game[]

Dancing Game is a DDR clone similar to Hot Dance 2000. Even using the same menu as some variants of it (Revolution 2004). as well as the UI (Dance Xtreme) which now uses new backgrounds featuring a dancing woman. The game also lacks any way to change difficulty. Making you stuck on the 3 feet mode. The songs are also a lot longer. Lasting around 4 minutes. After each song is over, a screen with your results will be shown.

Song List[]

  1. Independent Woman Part 1
  2. Merry Christmas (Alternate versions replace it with La Bomba)
  3. Jingle Bell (Alternate versions replace it with Suavemente)
  4. Burn
  5. Africa
  6. Didadi
  7. Take On Me
  8. I Need To Know
  9. Reach Out
  10. Only You

Pinball Game[]

A pirated version of Nintendo’s Pinball with the copyright removed. It is unknown if Nintendo ever took any legal action against Senario.

Knock Out Game[]

A whack-a-mole game that is almost identical to the one seen on other dance mats besides the music being changed as well as the background and the mice themselves.

Tetris Game[]

Alternate versions of Dance Master include a pirated version of Tengen Tetris. It is unknown if any legal action was taken against Senario.

Bratz: Stylin' Dance Party[]

Bratz: Stylin' Dance Party is a hack of Dance Master bearing the license of MGA's Bratz doll line. It was released the same year as Dance Master and only in the EU. Presumably developed by MGA themselves and published by them in the UK and by GIG (The official Italian distributer of MGA products) in Italy. It adds a splash screen at the beginning with a new copyright bumper, but also removes copyright bumpers for the songs. The right side of the screen is also replaced with either Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, Sasha or an unknown blue haired character dancing on a simple background featuring lips, diamonds, stars, or bubbles.

Song List[]

The song list is completely different from Dance Master. Featuring 10 different songs from singers such as Jennifer Lopez and Nelly Furtado.

  1. Ain't It Funny
  2. Don't Tell Me
  3. Jumpin, Jumpin
  4. Most Girls
  5. The Boy is Mine
  6. Turn Off The Lights
  7. Independent Woman Part 2 (Incorrectly called Independent Woman Part 1 in game)
  8. Love Don't Cost A Thing
  9. Hey Baby
  10. Get The Party Started


Dance Master/Dance Party 3[]

Bratz: Stylin' Dance Party[]


  • This system was infamously sold on HSN where it froze while someone was playing it. Making them have to reset it.
  • Most designs for the dance mat unlike most others is original instead of copying the original DDR pad
  • Even though the Bratz Stylin' Dance Party was an official MGA product, it
  • Bratz Stylin' Dance Party is actually the first non-console game Bratz game
  • 2 years after Bratz Stylin' Dance Party was made, a newer non-famiclone version called Bratz Stylin' Dance Mat was made and promptly overshadowed the earlier dance mat. Due to it being released in a wider market as well as preforming better.
  • There is a rumor that a PCM version was made at one point