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Danger Zone is a VT03 action/puzzle game released by JungleTac some time in the 2000s and often found on plug n' play and multigame handheld consoles. It pits the player against a machine which throws a never-ending barrage of blocks. These blocks must be arranged to form lines, while avoiding being hit by them. The original version of the game has a title screen, while the variations do not.


Danger Zone (VT09)[]

Danger Zone (VT369)[]

Peg Sweeper (VT369)[]

It changes the HUD and the background but otherwise it is the same game.

Zeb's Trap (VT369)[]

A licensed Star Wars-themed hack starring Zeb Orrelios.

Porter's Cafe (VT369)[]

A licensed Paw Patrol-themed hack starring Alex Porter.

Gekko's Super Strength (VT369)[]

A licensed PJ Masks-themed hack featuring Gekko.

Strong Builder (VT168)[]

An uncredited company (presumibly Wellminds) created a clone which plays exactly like the original, but features Dale from one of the NES Chip and Dale games and Suzumu Hori from Mr. Driller (sans his helmet). This version can be found on the Wow Wireless Gaming console.

Donald's Hectic Hay Bales (Sunplus)[]

An officially licensed version of Danger Zone (programmed from scratch) could also be found on the Disney Game It! Classic Pals handheld console, going by the name Donald's Hectic Hay Bales. The game features Donald Duck arranging bales of hay tossed down by Goofy. This console and the Princess Pals handheld are credited to JungleTac, who were going by the name Jungle Soft at the time.

Hay Bales[]

Like many of the games on the Disney Game It! systems, JungleTac would later hack Donald's Hectic Hay Bales for their generic 16-bit Sunplus SPG multigame systems to create Hay Bales, which bizarrely replaces Donald and Goofy's faces with Duster from Mother 3, while leaving their bodies (and even Donald's hat) intact. A port of this version of the game for 32-bit Sunplus SPG293 hardware would be created named Hay Bales 2, which is featured on the Zone 3D plug and play console. Unlike the 16-bit version of the game, the 32-bit port does not have music.