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Daou Infosys (다우정보통신) was a Korean game developer and publisher. Until 1993 all its games were developed in-house, and after 1993 they were developed by Open Corp.. They also licensed games by Color Dreams and Tengen for Supercom.



Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
Agi Gongnyong Dooly
  • MSX
  • Master System
1991 Sidescrolling shooter. Both MSX and Sega Master System versions are different games. N/A
Dooly Bravo Land Famicom 1992 Third and last Dooly game from Daou. A platformer with poor programming. DIF-001
Janggun-ui Adeul
(The General's Son)
  • Famicom
  • Master System
1992 Fighting game based off the Korean movie of the same name. DIF-002

Developed by Open[]

Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
Toto World 3 Master System Mid 1993 Platformer that was released simultaneously with Koko Adventure.[1] DIS-G301
Koko Adventure Famicom Mid 1993 The spiritual successor of Magic Kid Googoo according to one of the developer. Highly inspired by Super Mario World. DIS-F301
Metal Force Famicom April-May 1994 A game inspired by the Mega Man series with seven levels. DIS-F401
Family Noraebang Famicom December 1993 or 1994 A special karaoke cartridge with FM synthesis. Developed by Open, manufactured by Daou and published by Daewoo. HEA-02
(Standalone set)
(Console bundle)
Suho Cheonsa Master System 1994 A breakout clone. It is notable for being Daou's last release and the last console game by Open that was released. DIS-G402[1]

Developed by Unlicensed American Companies[]

These games were made by developers located in the United States then later licensed by Daou Infosys for a Famicom release in collaboration with Haitai Electronics.

Name Original name Developer Released Description
Black Dragon
(블랙 드래곤)
Challenge of the Dragon Color Dreams Mid 1991[2] A kind of an action & beat'em up game. The title screen was updated.
Crystal Commando
(크리스탈 특공대)
Crystal Mines Color Dreams First half of 1991 Updated splash & title screen
Flying Superboy
(날아라 슈퍼보이)
Menace Beach Color Dreams May 1991?[3] Updated title screen.
Hee-dong Ei's Adventures

(희동이의 모험)

Baby Boomer Color Dreams Early 1991 ? Light-gun game, copyright updated with Licensed to Daou Infosys. An alternate cover calls it Baby Boomber.
Klax Tengen Early 1991[5] Puzzle game similar to Tetris. Identical to the US release.
Shockwave AGCI Early 1991 ?[6] Puzzle game, identical to the US release.
One-eyed Jack
(애꾸눈 짹)
Skull & Crossbones Tengen Mid 1991[7] The splash screen reading Tengen was replaced with Haitai Electronics. An alternate cover reads Captain Hook.
Road Runner X
(로드러너 X)
Road Runner Tengen Early 1991[8] Based on the Road Runner cartoon. Identical to the US release. An alternate cover calls it Road Bunny.
Tube Exploration
Toobin´ Tengen Mid 1991[9] Obstacle race, the title sceen was updated. An alternate cover reads Tube.

Developed by Konami[]

  • Sagak-ui Bimil (Quarth) [MSX2]

Developed by Sachen[]

  • Super Pang



"Fun Fun Club", the brand name Daou used for its titles.

  • Kaby Koby (깨비꼬비 - 1994) - Developed by Open Corp, shown in magazines in late 1993 and early 1994.


While Daou stopped making new console-games in 1994, they kept manufacturing hardware and accessories for them. This list is likely incomplete.

  • Family Noraebang extension cartridges. These offered new songs, up to 40, to sing on with the Family Noraebang cartridge for the Famicom. Five versions were released.
  • SFX Converter (199?, A Super Nintendo adapter to play NTSC games in a PAL console, DIS-SFC02)
  • Fantastick (also known as Stealth, an arcade-like controller for the SNES and Mega Drive)
  • Powerstick II (A classic arcade stick with Turbo functions for the SNES and Mega Drive).



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