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Name Original name Developer Released Description
Black Dragon
(블랙 드래곤)
Challenge of the Dragon Color Dreams Mid 1991[1] A kind of an action & beat'em up game. The title screen was updated.
Crystal Commando
(크리스탈 특공대)
Crystal Mines Color Dreams First half of 1991 Updated splash & title screen
Flying Superboy
(날아라 슈퍼보이)
Menace Beach Color Dreams May 1991?[2] Updated title screen.
Hee-dong Ei's Adventures

(희동이의 모험)

Baby Boomer Color Dreams Early 1991 ? Light-gun game, copyright updated with Licensed to Daou Infosys. An alternate cover calls it Baby Boomber.
Klax Tengen Early 1991[4] Puzzle game similar to Tetris. Identical to the US release.
Shockwave AGCI Early 1991 ?[5] Puzzle game, identical to the US release.
One-eyed Jack
(애꾸눈 짹)
Skull & Crossbones Tengen Mid 1991[6] The splash screen reading Tengen was replaced with Haitai Electronics. An alternate cover reads Captain Hook.
Road Runner X
(로드러너 X)
Road Runner Tengen Early 1991[7] Based on the Road Runner cartoon. Identical to the US release. An alternate cover calls it Road Bunny.
Tube Exploration
Toobin´ Tengen Mid 1991[8] Obstacle race, the title sceen was updated. An alternate cover reads Tube.
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  3. 희동이 (Hee-dong Ei) is the baby's name in the Dooly cartoon.
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  5. Uses the same mask ROM as the US release.
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