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Dar Yar Electronics (大雅電子股份有限公司) was a Taiwanese company involved with the manufacture or distribution of game consoles and cartridges.

Brand names[]

Based on Taiwanese trademark registrations, they owned the following brands, among others:

  • Dar Yar/DY - Atari 2600 and Famicom clones
  • Supervision - pirate game cartridges, best known for 72-pin NES format but Atari 2600 and Famicom Supervision carts exist too
  • Nasa - NES clones and accessories
  • Jamiko - PC Engine and Famicom clones
    • Neo Boy (DY-686): Famicom clone[2][3]
    • PC-II (DY-730): PC Engine Core Grafx clone
    • PC Boy (DY-750): PC Engine Shuttle clone[4]
  • Creation - controllers and some NES/Famicom clones
    • Newten Boy (DY-780): an early handheld Famiclone. The only known unit has a serial number of 000009 so it may not have been mass produced[5][6][7]
    • Newten Boy II - a controller-based Famiclone, released under the Creation brand[8]

Activities with NTDEC[]

Dar Yar was named in Nintendo's lawsuit against NTDEC as having sold 135 of NTDEC's cartridges to an undercover buyer in North Carolina.[9] This would imply that they had been more widely involved in exporting NTDEC products, likely under the Supervision name, further supported by the common appearance of NTDEC multicart PCBs in Supervision cases.[10][11]