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Dark Seed (黑暗之蛊) is an unlicensed port of the DOS and Amiga game of the same name, made by Mars Production and published by Yancheng around 2001 or 2002.



Dark Seed's gameplay.

This is a port of Dark Seed for DOS and Amiga, and the gameplay is essentially a slightly abridged version with several screens cut out. The player controls Mike Dawson, who (from the opening cutscene) has an alien growing in his head, causing him to have a massive headache. This happens after moving to a new house (which is later found to be a gateway to a parallel universe) and he has to go around figuring out what's going on. The storyline has been derived entirely from the original game, although it's slightly shorter in this version. The ending appears to be broken, as the librarian who talks to Mike at the end of the game repeats the same text infinitely.

The backgrounds being mostly rendered in brown and green 'pastel tones'. The graphics themselves were ported over from the Amiga game and simplified. The screen is smaller in this version, with a border implemented on it. The music entirely consists of a single 15 second loop, a poor rendition of Carl Czerny's Op. 821 No. 61, which plays throughout the whole game and also used in Pokémon Gold by Mars Production. There are only a few sound effects which are all used in the menu screen.


  • Pressing the Start button 13 times in one sitting kills Mike, forcing the player to restart the game, although this sometimes only makes Mike to go sleep. This may be the "Pass Time" command from the original game.
  • Mike's sprite appears on the front page of the Wiki.
  • Delbert's scene appears to be removed from this port; therefore there's no Dark Fido in the alternate world.