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Dark Tower is an action platformer made for Arcade machines and released by The Game Room in 1992.


You control a man armed with a club to beat some monsters and rescue a lady at the top of a Tower. You can jump and attack them with your club and after knocking them enough, and they can hit other enemies in the same line you knocked in. If you can strike all of your enemies in a single blow, you gain bonus points and bonus items.


Despite the game being original on its own, some things inside of the games data are not. They include:

  • The gameplay is almost identical to some single-screen platformers, such as Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros. Knocking enemies with a weapon is known in Taito's Don Doko Don, which shares the same gameplay features mentioned before.
  • Some monsters were stolen from various Arcade games, such as Black Tiger, Ghosts'n Goblins, and Snow Bros. One of the game's fonts is the same as Ghosts'n Goblins.
  • Music, sound effects, and voices are from Technōs Japan's Double Dragon. Dark Tower runs on the same hardware as the original game.
  • The Game Room also released another two games using the same hardware: Dangerous Dungeons and Thunder Strike, both sold as conversion kits for Double Dragon. East Coast Coin Co. handled sales of these games in Melbourne.


  • Developed by: Kyle Hodgetts