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Daytona USA: To The MAXX is a hack of Daytona USA, created by Kyle Hodgetts in 2001 (judging by the edition year in the title screen).


To The MAXX advertises itself as "NEW ENHANCED PLAY!!" in the attract mode and includes the following changes to the original game:

  • 6 modes of view, the fifth and the sixth providing even higher cameras than the stock fourth. View changing is now done with red V.R. button only, as the other VR buttons are changed to provide new functions below:
  • A rear mode view, accessed with the blue V.R. button. This feature was not included in any of official ports of the game (original or Championship Edition/Deluxe).
  • A turbo boost, accessed with yellow V.R. button. When pressed, the countdown from the start appears, and then the car accelerates to the maximum speed of 360 km/h (MT), with "MAXX" flashing during this effect, lasting several seconds.
  • An ghost replay ability, accessed with green V.R. button. When pressed, the ghost replay from previous user who raced at the track will be displayed as a ghost car (advertised as "shadow car" in the game), ideal for time attack runs.
  • Nitrous boosts, accessed with start button. It allows the car to go over 1000 km/h. However, the "turbo" as the game calls it is limited in stock and is non-rechargeable. Additionally, going too fast can make the car difficult to handle.
  • As a result of the nitrous boost, the numeric speedometer is designed to accommodate four digits, as opposed to usual three.

At least two versions of the game has been dumped, although ElSemi's Model 2 Emulator only supports one of them. Curiously, the game is not marked as bootleg in MAME[1] until 2020, which has both sets, although emulation in MAME is very patchy and thus marked as not working.



  • To The MAXX stands out as possibly the only bootleg hack for the Sega Model 2 hardware, and possibly the latest arcade hardware to receive such hacks, as newer arcade boards (often console or PC hardware based) employed protection systems against bootlegging and ripping.

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