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Death Race is an unlicensed game developed by American Game Cartridges Inc. that was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. It was also released by Home Entertainment Suppliers for an Australian release. The game is a remake of the 1976 arcade game by Exidy.


The original Death Race arcade is notable for being one of the first controversial video games. The objective of the original game was to drive over the gremlins on a screen. Many denounced the game for its depiction of violence and it was featured on many television programs related to the psychological effects of similar games. The controversy at first made the game more popular but it was ultimately banned.

The game is similar in background to Chiller, another arcade by Exidy that has been condemned for its depiction of violence. Moreover, American Game Cartridges ported Chiller onto the Nintendo Entertainment System at the same time.

As in the original arcade, the player's objective is to run over the gremlins. Whereas the gremlins were replaced by tombstones in the original arcade, they are instead replaced by helicopters[1]. The Nintendo port also brings the player to eight different cities and features an upgrade system where you obtain cash based on how many victims you run over.