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Dendy: The New Reality
Dendy New Reality
Title card for Dendy: The New Reality.
Host: Sergei Suponev (Сергей Супонев)
Aired: 17 September 1994–19 January 1996
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 63
Producer(s): Sorec Video (season 1)
Klass! Studio (season 2)

Dendy: The New Reality (Russian: Денди — Новая реальность), simply known as The New Reality after the start of season 2, was a television show about Dendy and its products. It was also the first gaming TV show in Russia. The New Reality's first episode aired on September 17, 1994, and its last episode aired January 19, 1996. The show's host is Sergei Suponev; it is sponsored by Steepler.

The first season was broadcast on 2x2 and produced by Sorec-Video. Just before the second season, the show moved to ORT (pronounced OPT) and was later produced by Klass! Studio.

List of episodes[]

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Featured bootlegs[]


  • Dendy Classic
  • SEGA Mega Drive II

Video games[]


  • Magic Key (a region-swapping cartridge for the SEGA Mega Drive II)