Desert Storm

Desert Storm
Desert Storm (Waixing) (Unl)-0.png

Desert Storm's title screen.
Publisher Waixing, Subor (on Famiclones)
Developer Waixing
Console Famicom, VT03 consoles
Date 1996(?)
Engine Modified Super Contra engine
Sound engine Waixing

Desert Storm is a Contra clone similar to Super Contra 7, made by Waixing possibly in 1996 or so. It's also featured on some Subor famiclones, but is unknown if it was released as a single cart.


Desert Storm (Waixing) (Unl)-1.png
The gameplay is quite similar to other Contra games. It contains 4 stages, each divided into 2 sections (in levels 1, 2 and 4 there's a mid-boss between sections), and also boasts an option menu with a difficulty and number of lives (from 0 to 10) selector (if 0 is set as the starting lives, the player will automatically get a Game Over). Some graphics were lifted from Super Contra 7 and possibly from other Contra games, and even from another Konami game, Rush 'n Attack as well. It also features four different powerups: L is for Machine Gun, F is for Laser Gun, B is for Barrier and S is for Spread Gun, which is the default gun in this game. Also the powerup letters for the first two are incorrectly assigned (B and S being exceptions).


  • An alternate version of this game exists, which modifies the palette colors. It can be found on VT03 plug-&-play consoles (Sudoku 49-in-1 being an example).
  • The copyright number reads "960419". This means it was possibly released after Super Fight I, which has a copyright number of "960418".
  • The first miniboss of the second stage resembles Super Contra 7's first boss. There are also minor enemies flying around the level that resemble small variants of these bosses.
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