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Devil Island (惡魔島), also known as Devil Land and 惡魔城2 月風魔篇, is an action game for the Game Boy Color. The text is completely in Chinese, and no English translation is known to exist.


Devil Island copies Konami's Japan-exclusive Famicom game, Getsu Fūma Den, with its gameplay. The game's aesthetics are styled after the Castlevania franchise, also by Konami. Much like Castlevania, the player's default weapon is a whip, except it can be held down for rapid fire. Items can be bought and used in-game by pausing and selecting with the A and B buttons, which are needed to progress in some places. The player must also find and defeat guardian bosses in order to proceed. The game offers unlimited continues.


Devil Island shows a few signs of being developed by Vast Fame. The main evidence is the Mega Man V sound engine. In addition, this game has also appeared on several Vast Fame-licensed multicarts alongside confirmed Vast Fame games such as Shi Kong Xing Shou.


The opening cutscenes are clearly stolen from various SNES games.

  • Batoru Raiden - A group of red-eyed robed people approaching a rock dragon's mouth.
  • Castlevania: Dracula X - An upwards shooting beam of light and a group of zombified villagers.
  • Demon's Crest - A green dragon that briefly appears just before the narration text.


The original incarnation of this game was released on two occasions with different titles on both the packaging and on the in-game title screen. The most well known version of this game originates from multicarts released by Vast Fame in at least 2002. The game would also be released in the "SL" series in mainland China and Taiwan, typically used for secondary releases of Vast Fame games, as 惡魔城2. This release is currently only known to change the title on the title screen, and is currently undumped.

Title hacks[]

Two title hacks of Devil Island are known to exist. The first one is an alternate version released by Kongfeng/Gangfeng in 2002, titled 魔戒傳說, which only changes the title screen to one that features depictions of characters from the Lord of the Rings films and bizarrely introduces a graphical glitch in the intro. The second one was released by Li Cheng. It is named 恶魔城2-风云篇 (not to be confused with the SL 惡魔城2) on the cart label and 恶魔城-风云篇 on the title screen.

Fellowship of the Rings[]

Fellowship of the Rings is an extensive hack of Devil Island that was released some time in the early 2000s. This specific hack completely removes any non-linear elements of the original game, with it removing the overworld map and shops, and levels progressing linearly as soon as they're completed. Since the shops, where the original game let you buy items, are removed, the item system in the HUD is also removed. The hack also edits the player character's sprite. In particular, it changes the whip into a sword. This hack also now makes the game heavily Lord of the Rings themed, with a unique intro and story that uses stills from the films and a completely new title screen. Three versions of this hack are known to exist:

  • An English version, which uses the name Fellowship of the Rings and has a copyright year of 2002 on the title screen. This version has the intro poorly translated into English and translates the main menu. While it is unclear if the game was officially released as a single cart, the dumped Chinese versions have a flag in the ROM to toggle an English mode on that has these changes, and hacks of those ROMs that enable this mode are available online. Oddly enough, the 2002 copyright notice is still used in the English mode on the Chinese versions. What appears to be a single cart release has been seen in the wild in Indonesia, but whether it is an original release is unknown.
  • A Kongfeng/Gangfeng release named Zhi Huan Wang 2 (指環王2), which has a copyright date of 2003. This version uses the Taiwan variant of Vast Fame's copy protection scheme. A raw dump of the game is available online, which currently can only be emulated on the hhugboy emulator.
  • A Li Cheng release named 魔戒3-不完美的世界 (roughly translates to Lord of the Rings 3: Imperfect World), which replaces the title on the title screen and removes the copyright notice.

It is currently unknown if an original Taiwan single cart release exists.



  • The Li Cheng versions of this game and the Fellowship of the Rings hack use copy protection, and raw dumps of both of these versions are available online, which currently only work on the hhugboy emulator. Fixed ROMs of these games that remove the copy protection are also available that work on most Game Boy emulators.