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Devil Island
Devil Island by Vast Fame.png
Title screen.
Publisher Vast Fame(?), TD-Soft, Li Cheng
Developer Vast Fame(?)
Console Game Boy Color
Date 2002
Engine Own, based on Getsu Fuuma Den
Sound engine Minakuchi Engineering (Mega Man V) / Kouji Murata

Devil Island is an action game for the Game Boy Color. It is alternately known as Devil Land, 惡魔城2 月風魔篇 (Castlevania 2: Record of Getsu Fūma(?)), 魔戒博詵 (Lord of the Rings), and 魔戒3-不完美的世界 (Lord of the Rings 3: Imperfect World). The text is completely in Chinese, and no English translation is known to exist.


Devil Island copies Konami's Japan-exclusive NES game, Getsu Fūma Den, with its gameplay. The game's aesthetics are styled after the Castlevania franchise, also by Konami. Much like Castlevania, the player's default weapon is a whip, except it can be held down for rapid fire. Items can be bought and used in-game by pausing and selecting with the A and B buttons, which are needed to progress in some places. The player must also find and defeat guardian bosses in order to proceed. The game offers unlimited continues.


Devil Island shows a few signs of being developed by Vast Fame. The main evidence is the Mega Man V sound engine. In addition, this game has also appeared on several Vast Fame-licensed multicarts alongside confirmed Vast Fame games such as Shi Kong Xing Shou.


The opening cutscenes are clearly stolen from various SNES games.

  • Batoru Raiden - A group of red-eyed robed people approaching a rock dragon's mouth.
  • Castlevania: Dracula X - An upwards shooting beam of light and a group of zombified villagers.
  • Demon's Crest - A green dragon that briefly appears just before the narration text.



  • The Li Cheng version, Lord of the Rings 3, is a hack of the regular game. On top of having a new intro/title the player sprites are changed, the map's removed making the player play through (seemingly new) levels in a linear fashion, and the levels play fewer music tracks.