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Digger Man is an unreleased unlicensed game developed by Kyle Hodgetts for SNK's Neo Geo system (MVS version).


The players explore underground to catch diamonds, fruits, and jewels, which all give points. It's possible to get stuck in a lot of boulders, so a bomb function is available for everyone. But beware of getting caught in a bomb explosion or getting hit on the head by a boulder, as this will cost you.


  • Digger Man's concept is based on Boulder Dash, which had many official versions released throughout the years.
  • Many assets are from Gururin, a 1994 puzzle game made by Face, also for the Neo Geo (MVS version). A lot of the graphics, and all the music/SFX, came from this game.
  • Despite the game being called Digger Man, the first player is actually a woman.
  • Comic Sans MS is used as a font, notably on the title screen and Press Start screen.
  • The game was going to be published by The Game Room, who had published several of Kyle Hodgetts' other arcade games, but it was canceled for unknown reasons.