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Digimon Adventure
Cracked 00038
Title screen.
Developer Sintax (?)
Console SNES, GBA
Engine Pocket Monster
Sound engine Bonkers (SNES)
Vast Fame (GBA)
Alternate names/hacks Digimon

Digimon Adventure (aka Digimon) is a pirated platformer for SNES and Game Boy Advance based on Digimon.

SNES Version

Cracked 00040

The game's 2nd level.

The game uses the same engine as found in Pocket Monster, thus the gameplay mechanics are exactly the same. The game spans six levels, which includes two boss fights. The only playable character is Agumon. You can attack enemies by pressing A to shoot a fireball at them. Each level has a strawberry item that once collected transforms you into Greymon, who's fireball attack is much larger and stronger. Once you lose all your lives you are given a chance to continue, and there's no apparent limit to continues either.

The game steals apparently all of its graphics from numerous other sources. Of all the levels, so far the only identified source is the background from the last battle being taken from Castlevania Dracula X. The sound engine and music is also stolen from Bonkers (SNES), which like the game engine is also used in Pocket Monster and Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Game Boy Advance version

A more simplified Game Boy Advance version exists in ROM form, although no cartridge is known to exist and it exhibits several game-breaking bugs, so it may in fact be an unreleased prototype.

It has all the stages and bosses from the SNES version (in a different order), but cannot be completed ordinarily without hacking because the bosses take no damage and eventually disappear, leaving it impossible for the player to go any further and beat the game.

  • GBA stage 1 = SNES stage 4
  • GBA stage 2 = SNES stage 1
  • GBA boss 1 = SNES boss 2
  • GBA stage 3 = SNES stage 2
  • GBA stage 4 = SNES stage 3
  • GBA boss 2 = SNES boss 1

Also unlike the SNES version, you don't transform into Greymon after collecting a strawberry, although a view inside of the ROM's graphics show that the transformation graphics are in there.

The music in this version seemingly originates from Vast Fame.

Another game exists, again only in ROM form, called Digimon Zhi Hong Lan Dui Jue, using the same sprites but on a different engine with different levels and new, MIDI-sounding music.

Whether this port was released or not, Sintax would go on to release a series of GBA titles using the same engine, including Rayman 4 and Crash Advance IV. The released games fix many of the bugs found in the Digimon Adventure ROM, and generally feature the same set of levels reordered, but some later titles replace Digimon Adventure's stage 1 with an entirely new design.

All games known in series as of now


  • The snow-based level appears to be exactly the same as the one in Mulan for Mega Drive, which in turn was stolen from Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast.
  • Leftover graphics of the intro of A Bug's Life can be found in the SNES ROM. These same leftovers also appear in the same location towards the end of the ROM in Pokémon Gold Silver, suggesting they both were possibly developed side by side and based on A Bug's Life's engine.
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