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Digimon Adventure (aka Digimon) is a bootleg platformer for the SNES loosely based on the Digimon Adventure series.

A Game Boy Advance port of the game was later produced by Sintax and used as the basis for many reskinned versions based on different popular IP.


Cracked 00040

The game's 2nd level.

The SNES version of Digimon Adventure uses the same engine as the SNES version of Pocket Monster, thus the gameplay mechanics are the same. The game spans six levels, which include two boss fights.

The only playable character in the game is Agumon. The player can attack enemies by pressing A to shoot a fireball. Each level has a strawberry item that, once collected, transforms the player into Greymon, whose fireball attack is much larger and stronger. Once the player loses all their lives, they're given a chance to continue, which seems to have no limit.

The game steals nearly all of its graphics from numerous other sources. Of all the levels, so far the only identified sources are the background in the last battle being taken from Castlevania Dracula X and some of the platform graphics in stage 4 being taken from the 1995 SNES game The Flintstones. The sound engine and music are also stolen from Bonkers for the SNES, which, like the game engine, is also used in Pocket Monster and Pokémon Gold Silver.


  • The snow-based level appears to be the same as the one in Mulan for the Mega Drive, which in turn was stolen from Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast.
  • Leftover graphics of the intro of A Bug's Life can be found in the SNES ROM. These same leftovers also appear in the same location towards the end of the ROM in Pokémon Gold Silver, suggesting they both were possibly developed side by side and based on A Bug's Life's engine.
  • The PCB of the original SNES cartridge reads J980922, which translates to September 22, 1998.