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This article is about Digimon D-3. For games with a similar title, see Digimon (disambiguation).

Digimon D-3 (超進化數碼寶貝 D-3) is an unlicensed platform game for the Game Boy Color loosely based on the Digimon Adventure franchise released in the early 2000s by SKOB.


You start the game playing as Agumon. You can bite to attack enemies by pressing B. You can also charge a dash attack by holding Down and breathe fire by pressing Up and the B button together. You can collect hearts to restore health, and pick up pills to increase the number of fire attacks you can perform by 5. Picking up a blinking item evolves you into Greymon, who breathes out larger fire attacks. Picking up the blinking item again while evolved devolves you back to Agumon.

The music and sound effects in this game are directly taken from the licensed game Pokémon Pinball on the Game Boy Color. Most of the enemies in the game are versions of various Digimon, sometimes with different colors (i.e., a Sukamon enemy is present in this game that is colored green).


This game received a few releases:

  • The original Chinese SKOB single cart version, which uses the title 超進化數碼寶貝 D-3 in-game and just 超進化數碼寶貝 on the cart label
  • A release of the Chinese version on a Digimon-themed multicart, "數碼暴龍專集 10 in 1"
  • A Li Cheng release named Chao Jinhua Shuma Baolong - Zuanshi Ban (超進化 数码暴龙-钻石版)
  • Two English versions:
    • One version uses the "Game Boy Advance" side graphic on its cart label. It is called Digimon D-3 on the game's title screen, but uses the contradictory and confusing name of Pokémon Digital Digimon Monsters 3 (or Pokémon Digital Digimon 3 Monsters) on the cart label.
    • Another version with a different cart label that simply calls the game Digimon D-3. The cart label uses a modified ESRB rating and a modified "Game Boy Advance" side graphic that instead reads "Gamf Boy Advancef".


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