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This article is about Digimon D-4. For games with a similar title, see Digimon (disambiguation).

Digimon D-4 (also known as 明珠口袋怪兽II or Mingzhu Koudai Guaishou 2) is an unlicensed Game Boy Color game released in either 2001 or 2002 by SKOB.


Perhaps the most notable thing about this particular game is that while it is marketed as solely a Digimon game, it is actually a crossover RPG between Pokémon and Digimon. Pressing Select on the character select screen cycles between the Pokémon Trainers and the DigiDestined. The battle system consists of a button mashing system and the ability to Digivolve (which even the Pokémon characters can utilize).

The music on the title screen is a poor-sounding cover of Brave Heart, which was the theme song to the original Japanese version of the Digimon anime.