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This article is about Digimon Ruby. For the Game Boy Advance platformer based on the Digimon Adventure port by Sintax, see Digimon Ruby and Sapphire. For games with a similar title, see Digimon (disambiguation).

Digimon Ruby (數碼怪獸 紅寶石版), also known as Digimon Rury, is a bootleg role-playing game for the Game Boy Advance based on the second Digimon anime. It was first made in Chinese, and then haphazardly translated into English. Both versions were released some time in 2003 based on the copyright year on the title screens of both versions. Some of the game's graphics are stolen from Terranigma and Dokapon: Monster Hunter.


The plot loosely follows the first arc of Digimon Adventure 02, with several changes.

The story centers around "Dafu" (Davis/Daisuke) from 02. During a camping trip, Dafu gets transported by a portal to the "Figures world" (Digital world) and has to find a way back to the human world while uncovering and putting a stop to "Wild dragon reform"'s (Digimon Emperor's) plan along the way.


The sound engine used in Digimon Ruby is written from scratch and mainly plays Game Boy-style chiptune music with limited PCM sample playback for sound clips and percussion samples used as accompaniment. Some sound effects played in the game during battles are taken from Smilesoft's Keitai Denjuu Telefang games. No specific company is credited in-game or on the box art, but this game shows a few signs of being developed by Vast Fame:




  • The sound engine in Digimon Ruby is reused in Super Robot Wars: Ultimate Edition, which also recycles music from games known to have been developed by Vast Fame.
  • Around the early 2010s, reprints of the English versions of this game and the unlicensed Game Boy Advance game Digimon Sapphire were sold on the now-defunct wholesaler website Volumerates, using identical labels and shells to their original releases. These reprints contained deprotected versions of the games (the original releases had copy protection). These versions of the games would be dumped in 2011 and were the only versions of the games publicly dumped before dumps of the original copy protected releases, as well as the Chinese version of Digimon Ruby, were released 5 years later in 2016.