Digimon Ruby
GB Digimon Rury.jpg
Box art.
Publisher Vast Fame (?)
Developer Vast Fame (?)
Console Game Boy Advance
Engine Digital Monsters 3; Digimon Pocket
Sound engine Smilesoft (Keitai Denjuu Telefang)
Alternate names/hacks Digimon Rury

Digimon Ruby, also known as Digimon Rury, is a bootleg RPG for the Game Boy Advance based on the second Digimon anime. It was first made in Chinese, and then haphazardly translated into English. Some of the game's graphics are stolen from the licensed Game Boy Advance game Dokapon: Monster Hunter.


The plot loosely follows the first arc of Digimon Adventure 02, with several changes. The names of the humans as well as the Digimon appear to be based on romanizations from the Chinese language. For example, Daisuke is called, Da Fu.


The sound engine is stolen from Smilesoft's Keitai Denjuu Telefang, rather than Capcom's Mega Man series. No specific company is credited in-game or on the boxart, but this RPG shows a few signs of being developed by Vast Fame.

  • Much of Digimon Ruby's soundtrack is recycled from several games that are heavily associated with Vast Fame. Two battle themes and two overworld themes are from Devil Island while one overworld theme is from Digital Monsters 3, both of which have appeared on several Vast Fame multicarts. The ending cutscene theme is from Zook Hero Z, while one battle theme is from Zook Hero 2, one overworld theme is from Shi Kong Xing Shou, one overworld theme is from Shui Hu Shen Shou and one overworld theme is from Crazy Richman 2. All of the last five titles are confirmed Vast Fame games.
  • The characters' names in Digimon Ruby are similar to their names in Digimon Saphire for the Game Boy Color, which reuses all of Crazy Richman 2's soundtrack.
  • The battle system is recycled from Digital Monsters 3, as are some of the attacks and status-altering moves. Also, much like Digital Monsters 3, Digimon Ruby has most of the creatures miscolored.
  • Most of the creatures' battle sprites are recycled from Digital Monsters 3 as well as the GBC Digimon Saphire.



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