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Digimon Sapphire (called Digimon Saphire on the English cart label), also known as Digimon - Final Battle (數碼暴龍-決戰篇) for its Taiwanese version, and Digimon Pearl (數碼暴龍-珍珠版) and Digimon Emerald (數碼暴龍-綠寶石) in mainland China, is a bootleg game developed by Vast Fame for the Game Boy Color. It is not to be confused with Vast Fame's platforming game for the Game Boy Advance, also called Digimon Sapphire.


The game is a strategy RPG based on the second season of the Digimon anime (Digimon Adventure 02). The plot follows closely to the show, although in the English version, all the dialogue is translated poorly into English to an extent where even compared to Vast Fame's other English releases, it is difficult to understand at times. The game is very linear in progression, with extremely little interaction in an overworld and the only thing between battles being cutscenes and the option to save/visit the shop to acquire more Digimon. Allies bought at a shop tend to be weaker than those raised from an early level, to where in the late game they can barely do any damage. The player can also evolve and merge Digimon to enhance their battle capabilities.


  • The game engine is mostly taken from Sheng Shou Wu Yu, right down to the merging and monster buying mechanics. However, it seems like the engine is slightly tweaked in comparison and is much more sluggish during battle sequences.
  • Two Chinese variants of the game were released in mainland China by Kongfeng: Digimon Pearl (數碼暴龍-珍珠版) and Digimon Emerald (數碼暴龍-綠寶石). Both are currently undumped. The Taiwanese version (數碼暴龍-決戰篇) is also undumped as of writing.
  • The English version of this game has noticeably poor translation. Even compared to most of Vast Fame's known English versions of their games, the dialogue and menu options can be hard to interpret as the translations will either be obtuse, or in the case of dialogue, read as if it were translated word-for-word, making it difficult to follow the story.
  • Damage calculation seems oddly random at times, with some characters able to do barely any damage (even to weaker bought mons) to being able to randomly one-shot enemies. This is noticeable in the later half of the game. It's unknown if this is present in the Taiwanese version, which may have a later build of the game.