Digital Media Cartridge Ltd (中娛半導體股份有限公司 in Taipei, 深圳市中娱云科技有限公司 in Shenzhen, often abbreviated to DMC) is a designer of Genesis-on-a-Chips and NES/Genesis emulation systems, used in a number of official and bootleg systems. They are closely related to AtGames, with DMC chips being used in almost all AtGames products, although the exact link is unknown.

RedKid Edit

RedKId and RedKId 2 are Genesis-on-a-Chips used in a number of earlier AtGames products. They have a number of known issues with their implementation quality, particularly the sound. Sometimes abbreviated to RK/RK2. RedKid 2 was supposed to fix some of the graphical and sound issues[1].

Titan Edit

Titan is a dual-core 32-bit system-on-chip developed by DMC and announced in 2005, designed for TV game applications in particular Genesis emulation [2]. It was used in the Atari Flashback 3 and 4, and most if not all of the "FireCore" systems. It is likely the chip inside any Genesis clone with an SD card slot, at least until the Monkey King family.

Monkey King Edit

Monkey King is a family of 32-bit systems-on-chip by DMC. The Monkey King and Monkey King 2 (abbreivated MK/MK2) are more advanced successors to the Titan. They are usually paired with 8MB of SDRAM and NOR flash memory. The Monkey King 2 was used in the Atari Flashback Portable[3].

The Monkey King 3.6 does not use the custom DMC architecture, but is instead a rebranded Rockchip RK3036 running an Android-like system[4].

The Monkey King 3B appears to be more similar, in terms of the type of memory used and simpler packaging, to the older Monkey KIng parts and the "in-house" DMC style rather than a rebranded part. It is used inside the AtGames BLAST[5] and the RS-70 648-in-1 PlayStation clone with both 8-bit and 16-bit games[6].

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