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Votre S-168's box.

Digital Portable System is the name of a series of NES-On-a-Chip (NOAC) Famiclones and Gameboy Advance clone that resembles a PlayStation Portable manufactured by Votre Electronics, Indonesia.

Background Edit

The first edition ever release of a Digital Portable System formerly called the Slim Getar-station was around December 2011, When the Sony PSP reached its peak of popularity in Indonesia.

The console was a series of NES-On-a-chip game console before the release of DPS PSi and DPS PVi which is a combination of Sega Saturn and Game Boy Advance.

Many different versions and models of Digital Portable System or Getar-station were released, and somewhat very difficult to distinguish.

List of included games Edit

Due to the high amount of games contained inside both internal and proprietary cartridge of the console, not every game title can be documented, but here's a list of common titles:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog - hack of Somari replaces Somari sprites with Sonic, often started at Scrap Brain Zone instead of Green Hill.
  • Angry Birds 3 - A NES homebrew game made around 2011