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Digital ez LG (For lack of a better name) is a multicart featuring unique hacks of several early NES/Famicom games as well as a few original titles. It was embedded inside many LG TVs around the early 2000s using the MC-049A/B/C (using the HIC01 sub board) and MC-059A/B/C (using the HIC291 sub board) motherboards, as an optional part. It could be found by selecting GAME in the TV menu.


The multicart itself sports the rarely used DIGITAL ez LG branding, which only seemed to be used on a few discs that came bundled with their products around the early 2000s to early 2010s. It features 15 games, which are all hacks of early NES/Famicom titles with the exceptions being LG Chess, Quick Brain, and Cricket. Some hacks on the multicart are more advanced than most hacks made around the same time by companies such as Inventor, likely meaning that the hacks and original games were made by a different company.

Known LG models[]

Some models have different versions of the multicart, which either contain 15 games which is the most common, 16 games which adds Soccer and Cricket but removes Space War, or 2 games which only features Quick Brain and Perfect Puzzle.

RP Series[]

  • RP-21FD10G

RT Series[]

  • RT-21FX4RG
  • RT-21FB20VW
  • RT-21FB75W
  • RT-21FB75VN

CE Series[]

  • CE-20J3GGX


VF Series[]

  • 0IZZVC0007E
  • 0IZZVC0062B
  • 0IZZVF0025B
  • 0IZZVF0022B
  • 0IZZVF0018A
  • 0IZZVF0018C
  • IZZVF0022D
  • 0IZZVF0017B
  • 0IZZVF0017C

VA Series[]

  • 0IZZVA0007G
  • 0IZZVA0012R
  • 0IZZVA0072A
  • DIZZVA0012X

VC Series[]

  • 0IZZVC0044B
  • 0IZZVC0048A
  • 0IZZVC0037A
  • 0IZZVC0067A
  • 0IZZVC0013H
  • 0IZZVC0049A
  • 0IZZVC0122A
  • 0IZZVC0122B

Game List[]

  1. Soccer (Nintendo World Cup)
  2. Block!! Block!! (Arkanoid)
  3. Baseball (Baseball)
  4. Laser Man (Bomberman)
  5. Body Capsule (Dig Dug)
  6. Mobile Racing (Excitebike)
  7. Battle Star (Galaga)
  8. Space War (Galaxian)
  9. LG Chess
  10. Space Rocket (Star Force)
  11. Pocket Ball (Lunar Pool)
  12. Tennis (Tennis)
  13. Little Star (Antarctic Adventure)
  14. Perfect Puzzle (Magic Jewelry)
  15. Quick Brain
  16. Car Racing (Road Fighter)
  17. Cricket


  • The multicart only seems to only be in LG TVs released in South America and Eastern parts of Europe
  • A controller similar to the ASCII Grip known as the GoldenEYE Joyful Commander was sold specifically for it. Though bizarrely, you can use any controller with a USB port to play any of the games on it. e.g Xbox 360 controller
  • Four of the games feature notable unused text data at the beginning of their ROM code:
    • Perfect Puzzle and Quick Brain feature text for a 3-in-1 menu, listing Car Racing as its third game.
    • Car Racing features a copyright notice reading "(C)RAMA..RACE!!!", while Cricket features a similar notice reading "(C)RAMA.CRICKET"; this suggests that "Rama" is the name of the games' developers. Due to various similarities with the titles, this company likely also produced two other NES bootlegs, BugTris and Block Puzzle; though it is also possible that Rama is a 2000s offshoot of that developer.
  • The music in Perfect Puzzle and Quick Brain are renditions of the music from Metal Force; this may suggest that "Rama" was comprised of ex-Open Corp. developers, particularly as Open are known to reuse music (e.g. in Twin Mouse).
    • Quick Brain's music is notably the same Metal Force-based rendition seen in the aforementioned Block Puzzle.