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Domkey Kong, also known as Donkey Kong on J.Y. multicarts with the typo removed, is a unlicensed hack of Tiny Toon Adventures by Konami.


The game starts with a title screen with a red Donkey Kong alongside an unnamed pink Kong (named "Babs Kong" in the intro). The rest of the game contains such as carrots replaced with bananas.


  • Donkey Kong - An update of this hack exists on some multicarts, fixing the typo in the game title.
  • Disney Timon And Pumbaa - Published by Ka Sheng in 1998 (with a re-release in 2000), this hack changes both the title screen and the main character to look more like Donkey Kong. Despite the name, the hack is unrelated to both Disney and the The Lion King characters of the same name.


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