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Middle School English (動動腦 II: 國中英文(一)) is an unlicensed educational title developed by L.C. Tchacvosky for Sachen in 1989. Its target audience are Chinese schoolers trying to learn the basics of English. Upon completing some exercises, the learner can play a game of Pyramid.

The game was later adapted for the Korean audience and distributed by Kuk Je Academy in 1991 as English, Pyramid (영어, 피라미드).


  • While Pyramid is offered as mini-game to reward the player for their effort, it actually predates the original release of Pyramid.
  • The game's title implies that it is the sequel to The Penguin & Seal (known as Dong Dong Nao I in Taiwan), but the games have nothing to do with each other aside from both being developed by Sachen.


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