Dongguan Changping Shengyuan Electronics Factory
Origin Dongguan
Years 2009-present
Consoles SY-xxx handhelds
Aliases SY, SY Corp

Dongguan Changping Shengyuan Electronic Factory (东莞市常平胜源电子厂), usually known as "SY" or "SY Corp" are a Chinese manufacturer of Famiclones and Pop Station type LCD game handhelds. Their recent products mostly use Famicom-compatible VTxx chipsets or the unknown "1.8" Handheld Games platform.

Products[edit | edit source]

VTxx-based Famiclone Handhelds[edit | edit source]

  • SY-518 - 180 in 1 "mini arcade" style console
  • SY-520 - 400 in 1, 2.8" screen, similar styling to the BittBoy and other Game Boy Color inspired Famiclones
  • SY-888/SY-888B - 288 in 1 NES games, 1.8" screen, newer VRT chipset (possibly VT368/9) but using a limited range of the advanced features. Uses the more advanced palette and sound for the intro screen and music. ROM storage is a newer "SQI flash" rather than parallel flash, only supported by newer VRT chips.
  • SY-889 - 300 in 1 NES games, similar hardware to SY-888. "Dancing Foxes" intro video
  • SY-992 - "999999 in 1", 2.8" screen, some variants have an FM radio
  • SY-993 - "118 in 1" and "312 in 1" cartridges, 2.8" screen

LCD Games[edit | edit source]

  • SY-818, SY-818A, SY-828 - "changeable LCD" handhelds with the usual set of games (Basketball, Supreme Skiing, Street Overlord, Motorcycle, Football, Racing Car and Sea-Sky War)
  • SY-712, SY-713, SY-715 - PSP shaped, POP Station branded console with a single, rarer built-in game (Subway Surfers, Carrot Fantasy or Porter)
  • SY-716, SY-717, SY-718, SY-719, SY-720 - LCD games with a more generic shape and a single fixed game (including "Counter Strike")

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