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This article is about Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space. For similar games, see Super Mario Bros. (disambiguation). For games with a similar title, see Donkey Kong 5 (disambiguation).
Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space
Donkey Kong 5 - The Journey of Over Time and Space - Title screen.png
Title screen.
Developer Sintax
Console Game Boy Color
Date 2001(?)
Alternate names/hacks 2003 Digitmon Sapphire
Harry Boy And The Chamber Of Secrets
Super Marrio Sunshine

Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space (大金刚5—超时空之旅) is a bootleg game for the Game Boy Color, made by Sintax (credited to BBD on the title screen) and released sometime after 2000. It is a clone of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, also released for the Game Boy Color (but it is not a hack).


(note that the story has many grammatical errors)

"The pretty and virtuous girl Sodoma was Donkey Kong's friend, she was the spirit what charge of all the plant in the world, she distributed sunlight air and water to each plant everyday, so that they could grow up healthy and strongly......

But the lombado lived in the darksome comer didn't like the darksome comer didn't like the world full of green grass and bloomy flower. So the evil lonbado abducted Sodoma, to amest the growth of the life. From then on......

The flower bloomed no longer, and the tree blasted slowly......the banana and the wild fruit the Donkey Kong loved had been lacked too. The world became desolate at once......

There were no any thing to eat, Donkey Kong felt very hungry, and the famine made him thinner and thinner, finally he became a monkey.

The poor Donkey Kong can but left the forest, begun his difficult joumey to search for food and save Sodoma......"


"Donkey Kong came through all kinds of difficulties, conquered Lonbadoand saved Sodoma finally, so, the world resumed livingness from then on......"


The game itself is a remake of the first five worlds of Super Mario Bros., with Donkey Kong as the main protagonist (although you control Diddy Kong when you have no powerups). All graphics have been replaced with sprites from various other Game Boy titles (the DK ones are from Donkey Kong Land), and the music and sound effects are lifted from Pokémon Pinball. Brick Blocks can no longer be broken, even as big Donkey Kong - this leads to several instances where the player has to intentionally become small to fit through gaps. Like many pirates, the controls are poor and delayed, leading to frustrating gameplay - luckily, however, there are seemingly infinite continues.


The music was stolen from Pokémon Pinball from Game Boy Color.

Name Description Audio
Name Entry The song that plays on the intro. [1]
Options The song that plays on the title screen and file select screen. [2]
Blue Field Theme The song that plays on World 1-1. [3]
Hi-Score Screen The song that plays on World 1-2. [4]
Map Mode The song that plays on World 1-3. [5]
Gengar Stage ~ Gastly in the Graveyard The song that plays on World 1-4. [6]
Diglett Stage ~ Whack Dugtrio The song that plays on World 2-1. [7]
Gengar Stage ~ Gengar in the Graveyard The song that plays on World 2-2. [8]
End Credits The song that plays on World 2-3. [9]
Mewtwo Stage The song that plays on World 3-1. [10]
Meowth Stage The song that plays on World 3-2. [11]
Red Field Theme The song that plays on World 3-3. [12]
Pokédex The song that plays on World 4-1. [13]
Diglett Stage ~ Whack the Digletts The song that plays on World 4-2. [14]
Title Screen The song that plays on World 4-3. [15]
File Select The song that plays on World 5-1. [16]
Catch'em & Evolution Mode Blue Field The song that plays on World 5-2. [17]
Pokémon Caught The tune that plays when the player defeat the boss. [18]
Bonus Stage Complete The tune that plays the game beaten. [19]
Game Over The song plays on the game over screen. [20]


As with many Sintax games, several variants of Donkey Kong 5 were released, changing graphics and other elements. They include:

2003 Digitmon Sapphire

A hack that replaces Diddy Kong with Bub from Bubble Bobble and Donkey Kong with Agumon from Digimon. It also removes access to the Warp Zone on World 1-2. Graphics are used from Bust-a-Move 2 (GB) Classic Bubble Bobble (GBC), and Croc 2 (GBC) (on the title screen); the other graphics are seemingly original. Known as 2003 Digimom Sapphi on the cartridge label.

Harry Boy and the Chamber of Secrets

Donkey Kong is turned into Harry Potter, and his small form is now a frog. Known as The Second Edition Harry Boy - The Secret of the Chamber of Secrets on the cartridge label.

Super Marrio Sunshine

A basic title screen hack. Aside from being a Mario clone in itself, the game has nothing to do with Super Mario Sunshine.


Pirate version.
Original version.
The example of Spinning animation for the bootleg (Donkey Kong 5) and original (Taz-Mania).
  • Donkey Kong's spinning animation is taken from the Game Boy port of Taz-Mania.
  • Like in the original Super Mario Bros., there is an infinite lives trick. Towards the end of World 4-2, repeatedly jump on the skeleton next to the long pipe to get many 1-Ups.
  • For unknown reasons, the story is completely skipped when played on a Game Boy Player.
  • After you finish each world, you encounter a cut scene where DK believes that he has found Sodoma only for it to be revealed as an illusion. This scene is attached with the following text: "Donkey Kong breathed freely for got away form the pretty pass and saw Sodoma who had been a bducted for long time,when he prepared to save Sodoma, suddenly A smoke trailed and he heard the Sodoma's scream: "Donkey Kong, help!...." This is similar to the classic 'Your Princess is in another Castle' cliche.
  • Donkey Kong on the title screen was stolen from Donkey Kong (1994), but recolored.
  • A title screen hack exists for this game, where the title is shown as Super Marrio Sunshine. The rest of the game is unchanged, however.


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