Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space
Title Screen
Developer Sintax
Console Game Boy Color
Date 2001?
Donkey Kong 5: The Journey Of Over Time And Space is a bootleg game for the GBC, made by Sintax (credited to BBD on the title screen) and released sometime after 2000. It is famous for its many English errors in its story, as well as borrowing many assets and gameplay elements from many other games, most prominently Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country . The Sprites for Donkey and Diddy are ripped from Donkey Kong Country GBC.


The story revolves around Sodoma, a girl who is in charge of all the world's plants, being abducted by the "Lombado", in order to halt the growth of all flowers and plants in the world. This causes a shortage of food for Donkey Kong, making him become thin (interestingly, the thin Donkey Kong is simply a light-blue Diddy Kong sprite), and prompting him to rescue Sodoma.

This is the story as written in-game:

The pretty and virtuous girl Sodoma was Donkey Kong's friend,she was the spirit what charge of all the plant in the world,she distributed sunlight air and water to each plant everyday,so that they could grow up healthy and st-


But the lombado lived in the darksome comer didn't like the darksome comer didn't like the world full of green grass and bloomy flower.So the evil lonbado abducted Sodoma, to amest the growth of the life.From then on......

The flower bloomed no longer,and the tree blasted slowly......the banana and the wild fruit the Donkey Kong loved had been lacked too.The world became desolate at once......

There were no any thing to eat,Donkey Kong felt very hungry,and the famine made him thinner and thinner,finally he became a monkey.

The poor Donkey Kong can but left the forest,begun his difficult joumey to search for food and save Sodoma......
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