Dooly Bravo Land
둘리 부라보 랜드
Doolybravoland title
Title screen.
Publisher Daou Infosys
Developer Daou Infosys
Cart ID(s) DIF-001
Console Famicom
Date Februrary 1992[1]
Engine Own
Sound engine Own

Dooly Bravo Land (둘리 부라보 랜드) is a South Korean Famicom platformer developed and released by Daou Infosys in 1992. The game stars Dooly the Little Dinosaur, who was a popular cartoon character in the country at the time.

Overview Edit

Dooly Gameplay


After the title screen, the player can freely choose which world to start on. In a stage, Dooly can fire projectiles at enemies, each of them taking a different numbers of hit before vanishing. Each enemy also inflicts one point of damage to Dooly. But as the game gives no recovery time and a few enemies follow you, they can end up as a death.[2] The game has been criticized for having poor physics, unpolished controls and punishing level design, making some platforms section overly complicated.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • There are at least two other Dooly games by Daou. One on MSX and another on Master System, all of them being completely different.
  • A certain number of popular characters like Mario, Son Goku, and a Koopa Troopa appear in the game as enemies.
  • Some of the developers are credited on Janggun-ui Adeul as well.
  • The game was reviewed in the May 1992 issue of Game World.
  • This is the first Famicom original title released in Korea.

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