Dooly Bravo Land
둘리 부라보 랜드
Doolybravoland title
Title screen.
Publisher Daou Infosys
Developer Daou Infosys
Cart ID(s) DIF-001
Console Famicom
Date February 1992[1]
Engine Own
Sound engine Own

Dooly Bravo Land (둘리 부라보 랜드) is a South Korean Famicom platformer developed and released by Daou Infosys in 1992. The game stars Dooly the Little Dinosaur, who was a popular cartoon character in the South Korea at the time.

Dooly Bravo Land is based on a series of Comic Book from 1983 to 1993 in South Korea.

Overview Edit

Dooly Gameplay


After the title screen, the player can freely choose which world to start on. In a stage, Dooly can fire projectiles at enemies, each of them taking a different numbers of hit before vanishing. Each enemy also inflicts one point of damage to Dooly. But as the game gives no recovery time and a few enemies follow you, they can end up as a death.[2] The game has been criticized for having poor physics, unpolished controls and punishing level design, making some platforms section overly complicated.[3]

Stages Edit

  • 하늘나라 (Sky Land)
  • 알 수 없는 나라 (Unknown Country)
  • 지하 탐험 보트 (Underground Exploration Boat)
  • 우주 해적 나라 (Space Pirate Land)
  • 부라보 열차 (Bravo Train)
  • 귀신의 집 (Haunted house)
  • 물속 나라 (Underwater Country)
  • 디스크 악마성 (Disk Devil Castle)

Bosses Edit

The bosses in the game are characters from the original comic book. Each stage has its final boss which all behave differently from the others. Some of them being much harder than the others.

Name Stage In-game design Game manual Original design (Manhwa)
부라보 열차
(Bravo Train)
20200715 003304
20200714 232106
추장 (Chief) 알 수 없는 나라
(Unknown Country)
20200715 003352
20200714 230045
해적 선장
(Pirate Captain)
우주 해적 나라
(Space Pirate Land)
20200715 003420
20200714 230433
(The King of the Netherworld)
(Sky Land)
20200715 003439
20200714 232233
해피 (Happy) 지하 탐험 보트
(Underground Exploration Boat)
20200715 003539
20200714 232823
(Pencil Squid)
물속 나라
(Underwater Land)
꼴뚜기 왕자(보스)
20200715 003611
20200714 225026
(Calcium Ghost)
귀신의 집
(Haunted house)
칼슘 귀신
20200715 003629
20200714 225247
디스크 악마
(Disk Devil)
디스크 악마성
(Disk Devil Castle)
디스크 악마(보스)
20200715 003741
20200714 225623

Other Character Edit

Name Design Description

(Go Gil-dong)

After the ending credit, it appears as an animation. He is the foster parent of Dooly.

Trivia Edit

  • There are at least two other Dooly games by Daou. One on MSX and another on Master System, all of them being completely different.
  • A certain number of popular characters like Mario, Son Goku, and a Koopa Troopa appear in the game as enemies.
  • Some of the developers are credited on Janggun-ui Adeul as well.
  • The game was reviewed in the May 1992 issue of Game World.
  • This is the first Famicom original title developed in Korea to be released.

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