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Title screen.
Console Arcade

Dorachan (ドラちゃん) is an early 80's arcade game released by Crawl Denshi. Based off of the Doraemon manga and anime series, it is quite possibly the first original bootleg game (meaning its not a hack or clone of another game) ever released.

Gameplay and History

The game appears to not have any distinct goal, other than getting a high score. You control a small cursor, and navigate through a crudely drawn forest while avoiding various animals and obstacles. You can collect dots along the way for extra points. Doraemon's head floats above a brick wall, which has a tiny hole in it; if you make it past the wall through the hole, you will be taken to a shooting segment, where you control Doraemon and shoot at the enemy animals. The game has a time limit, and will end when the timer reaches zero. It is stated that the game features Doraemon's theme song "Doraemon no Uta" as well, but this is unconfirmed (due to MAME not emulating the machine's sound at all).[1]

The game was recalled shortly after release, the exact circumstances of which are unknown, though it may be due to copyright infringement. A modified board featuring Doraemon's sister Dorami was said to be produced, but all copies of it are presumed to be destroyed.[1] Crawl Denshi themselves developed more legitimate games afterwards, including famous arcade titles like Crush Roller and World Heroes.


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