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Dr. Hello
DrHello Title
Title screen.
Publisher Sis Co. ? (Sega Master System)
Zennx (MSX)
Developer Sis Co. ?
Console MSX, Sega Master System
Date 1991

Dr. Hello (Korean: 닥터 헬로) is a unlicensed port of Dr. Mario made for the MSX and ported to the Sega Master System by Sis Co..


The game plays similarly to Dr. Mario. Some of the graphics are changed such as the design on the viruses. The game's soundtrack is used from Super Mario Bros. 3 and is also different and refers to the selectable tracks as "Music 1" and "Music 2" instead of giving them their own track names.



  • Like Super Boy I, the Sega Master System port is actually a SG-1000 port that uses a Sega Master System cartridge shell.
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