Dr. Tomy
Title screen
Publisher Playmark
Developer Playmark
Original developer Nintendo
Console Arcade
Date 1993

Dr. Tomy is a puzzle game made for Arcade machines, developed by Playmark and released in 1993.


The player(s) must eliminate all viruses on the bottle (the playfield) by throwing pills on their heads. You must 3 pieces of the pill in the virus(es) to kill them, as long both colors match. Another objective is to see various naked woman after clearing the stages. You can use one button to rotate to left and another button to rotate to right.


Dr. Tomy is a clone of Dr. Mario, a puzzle game released by Nintendo for Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy in 1990 (initially named as Virus in his prototypes and no references to Mario franchise was thrown in on earlier stages of development). The concept is totally equal to Dr. Mario, except for naked woman in the game.

One of the various woman that could be selected in the game is named as Chun-Li, which is a non-authorized reference of the Street Fighter II: The World Warrior character of the same name.

The game is known to be released at least in Italy, since the game has a Dip Switch to switch the language between English and Italian.

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