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This article is about the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and SNES games. For the Game Boy Color game, see Dragon Ball: Final Bout (Game Boy Color).

Dragon Ball: Final Bout (七龍珠超武鬥會完結篇) is an unlicensed port of the Sony PlayStation game Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout that was originally made for the Sega Mega Drive by an unknown developer and released in 1998. A port for the Super Nintendo would also be made going by the name Dragon Ball Z: Final Bout. The name and several of the splash screens are taken from the original PlayStation game, but the sprites are ripped from Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden. In the Mega Drive version, the voices are taken from Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension. Both the SNES and Mega Drive versions feature 8 playable characters.

Like most unlicensed dual-platform releases for the Sega Mega Drive and SNES, the Mega Drive version is widely available in both its boxed original printing and several pirate reissues, while the SNES version was distributed exclusively in South America. The SNES version uses sound effects and music from the SNES port of Street Fighter II.


Mega Drive/Genesis version[]

SNES version[]


  • The main menu song has one of the soundtracks from Aladdin II, which is slightly sped up in the Sega Mega Drive version.
  • The SNES intro has light blue to the background during the first scene with Goku and Vegeta and again with Kid Goku, the Sega Genesis one just has white.
  • The endings on both the SNES and Mega Drive versions are different.
  • Goku's sprite in the Mega Drive/SNES version of this game would be used in Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII for the Mega Drive.
  • On the SNES, Cell has a laugh sound during the intro, which is not present in the Sega Mega Drive version.
  • Shenron on the character select screen glows red/orange in the SNES version, but not in the Sega Mega Drive version.
  • The SNES version has music from the SNES port of Street Fighter II - The World Warrior, which is pitched down and off-key. The title screen has the music of the title screen of Street Fighter II, the intro has Ryu's theme, Gohan and Piccolo's stages have Ken's theme, Trunks (or Tolanks as he is called in this version) and Goku have E. Honda's theme, Vegeta (or Bethida) and Cell (or Zeru) have Guile's theme, and Buu (or Buwu) and S. Goku have Blanka's theme.