Dragon Ball: Final Bout
Dragon Ball: Final Bout's title screen (MD)
Publisher DVS Electronic Co (SNES) (possibly)
Console Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

SNES, Game Boy Color

Date 1998 (Mega Drive)
Engine Mega Drive Fighting Engine

SNES Fighting Engine Takara Fighting Engine (GBC) (Probably)

Dragon Ball: Final Bout is a unlicensed port of the Sony Playstation game Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, made for the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo by an unknown developer. The name and several of the splash screens are taken from the Playstation game Dragon Ball: Final Bout,(which is a 3D fighting game) but the sprites are ripped from Ultimate Battle 22. Both the SNES and MD versions feature 8 playable characters. 

Like most dual platform releases, the Mega Drive version is widely available in both its boxed original printing and several pirate reissues, while the SNES version was distributed exclusively in South America. The SNES version uses Street Fighter II music and is currently undumped.

Goku's sprite is recycled from this game and used again in Top Fighter 2000 for the Mega Drive.


  • The main menu song has one of the soundtracks from Aladdin II, which is slightly sped up in the Sega Genesis version.
  • The SNES intro has light blue to the background during the first scene with Goku and Vegeta and again with Kid Goku, The Sega Genesis one just has white.
  • The Endings on both SNES and Sega Genesis are different.
  • On the SNES, Cell has a laugh sound during the intro, which is not present in the Sega Genesis version.
  • Shenron in the Character Select glows red/orange in the SNES version, but not in Sega Genesis version.


Other Port


The Title Screen (GBC)

Another unofficial Port of the game is the Game Boy Color. Like all of the SNES fighting games,the GBC port is not as smooth as all of other GBC fighting games, but a curious trait about this game is the graphics quality. Although Final Bout has the common problem of almost all 8-bit generation fighting games (sprite clipping and a total lack of impact), the game does not suffer much of this problem. In addition, the animations are surprisingly decent for an unlicensed Game Boy Color game. On the other hand, the game music, though not bad, is composed of BGMs taken from other games, such as King of Fighters 95 and King of Fighters: Heat of Battle. Another curiosity is that the game seems to use corruptions of the names from Japanese anime, but only for certain characters: Frieza is called Frizar, Vegeta is Bezida, Tien is Tensin, and Cell is Zeru. These characters were named Furīza, Bejīta, Tenshinhan, and Seru in the Japanese anime, respectively. Final Bout has 10 original characters: Goku, Gohan, Cell (Zeru), Frieza (Frizar), Tien (Tensin), Vegeta (Bezida), Trunks, Kid Goku, Buu, and Piccolo, as well as SSJ versions of Vegeta and Goku. Final Bout is possibly one of the rarest known Game Boy Color games and currently is not available in ROM form.


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