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Impartial Judge
包青天-格斗版(中文版) Impartial Judge (Ch) (Decrypted).png
Impartial Judge's title screen.
Hack of Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden 2
Publisher Waixing
Developer Waixing
Cart ID(s) ET-1
Console Famicom
Date 1996
Sound engine Waixing
Alternate names/hacks Xin Bao Qing Tian II (新包青天II) (original version), Super Justice King (original version)

Impartial Judge is a unofficial large hack of Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden 2.

Also it's the a unofficial sequel to Bao Qing Tian. It was made for the Famicom by Waixing in 1996. "Impartial Judge" title screen is hack titled version.


Screenshot of the game.

It's one of the oldest Waixing games. This is one of many pirated fighting games on the Famicom.

This hack changes all the graphics and music, while still keeping the system. There are eight characters in the game, each based on a character from the original TV drama. The characters are fought in a random order, and are always fought in certain areas.

In this game has arcade mode, versus mode, spectator mode. Unlike the almost pirated fighting games, it's in full Chinese. Probably All graphics and music used in this game is Waixing's original work.




  • The font used for this game is from ETen Chinese System (倚天中文系統). This font is also used in many old taiwanese video games (dos games) and earliest others Waixing games.
  • " Xin Bao Qing Tian II (新包青天II) " version is currently undumped. A title screen hack titled "Impartial Judge" is already dumped from a Waixing ROM pack.
  • This game has unused graphics, a different title graphics and waixing's intro screen, unused story introduction and staff List. It can be seen using a graphics editing program tool. (YY-CHR, Tile Layer Pro etc...)