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Dragon Bowl is a pirate hack of Ninja Gaiden for arcade machines that was developed and released by Nics in 1992.


Dragon Bowl is a hack of the 1988 arcade game Ninja Ryukenden orignially developed by Tecmo (now Koei Tecmo Games) in which the player takes control of Present Son Ogong fight his way through hordes of enemies to reach the end of every stage. The game supports a two-player coop mode where the second player controls Future Son Ogong battling alongside player 1.


The original graphics have been replaced with self-made sprites of Dragon Ball-themed ones. The only exception is the font used on the title screen.


The powerful, 12-year-old martial artist Son Ogong (손오공) has successfully mastered the art of Ninjitsu, and obtained all seven golden orbs, the "Dragon Bowls", to summon a rare dragon. He wishes to travel back in time to the beginning of his quest several months ago and is promptly sent back as by his wish.

Son Ogong then begins his mission by teaming up with himself in the present-time to teach himself Ninjitsu to defeat many of their enemies as they journey through a fantastic world on a quest to obtain the Dragon Bowls once more. They will use their power to summon the dragon and wish for all evil creatures to be sent to another realm to restore peace in Son Ogong's world.


Dragon Bowl runs on the YM2151 soundchip instead of the dual YM2203 found in the original game. The game features voices and sound clips from Capcom's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991) with the voice of Chun-Li being borrowed for Son Ogong and the sounds of the other characters being used by the enemies in the game.

The music playing on the Game Over screen has been stolen from the sound font from Sega's Golden Axe (1989).