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Beijing Dejin Software Technology Co., Ltd. (北京德金软件技术有限), more commonly known by the brand name Dragon Co., is a Chinese game company that developed and published games for the Famicom, Neo-Geo, and Sega Mega Drive.

Company overview[]

Dragon Co. was formed in 1997 by former Hengmao Electronics employees; a company which produced mainly Gamate and Super A'can games, and closed around 1995. Dragon Co. mainly produced games for the Famicom/NES and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive; they reportedly also produced titles for the SNES and Game Boy, though no Dragon-produced games for these platforms have been found. Dragon Co. would be succeeded by Hummer Software in 2005;[1] several Hummer Software-produced titles are based on preexisting Dragon Co. games.

Tomsoft (Tommy Xie/Xie Rong Chun) was previously employed as a programmer by Dragon and developed their Famicom SDK in 1996. Later Dragon Co. games were produced without Tomsoft.[2]

A number of ex-Dragon employees would later work for Nice Code Software and took some resources from Dragon Co. with them, which they used to produce a number of games. The majority of these games are graphics hacks of Dragon titles; however, two Nice Code-published games (Titanic and Pikachu5) appear to be based on the coding of canceled Dragon Co. productions. As to if Nice Code actually retained the legal rights to Dragon-produced titles is unclear, though is seemingly unlikely (given the succeeding Hummer Software company).



Note that the release dates for most Dragon Co. titles are unknown, with the exception of Felix the Cat. An asterisk (*) indicates a game that is not 100% confirmed to be a Dragon Co. production.

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
Felix the Cat 1998 Later hacked by Nice Code to create titles such as The Hacker, Little Blackmask, and Super Hero. DH1065
Hong Lou Meng Published by Shenzen Nanjing Technology.
Luan Shi San Guo Published by Shenzen Nanjing Technology.
Panda Baby 1997 (?) DJ08006
The Lion King III:
Timon & Pumbaa
1997 (?) Later hacked by Nice Code to create Howling Killer, Mongoose Story, and Super Warthog. DH1000
The Lion King V:
Timon & Pumbaa
1998 (?) DH1069
Tom & Jerry 3 1998 (?) Later hacked by Nice Code to create Primitive Man and Primitive Woman. DH1070
Wait and See!
(aka Nu, pogodi!)
1997 DH1001
Pikachu5* Unknown Released by ex-Dragon members from Nice Code Software. Later hacked to create titles such as Gardman, Wonder Rabbit, etc. N/A
Titanic* Unknown Released by ex-Dragon members from Nice Code Software; a cartridge version was published by Shenzen Nanjing Technology in 2005. Later hacked to create Sunken Ship. N/A


Name Released Description Cartridge No.
The King of Fighters 2004:
Special Edition

Mega Drive[]

Name Released Description Cartridge No.
Command & Conquer (Beta)
Death Caliber May 18, 2002
Deer Hunter Based on the "Deer hunter" game series
Iraq War 2003 2003
Harry Potter* and Pokémon II* Unknown Two games that are effectively graphical variants of each other; it is unclear which came first. Later reworked by Hummer Software to create the plug & play game "3D Bean".



  • In addition to its original games, Dragon also released pirate carts of officially licensed games.