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* ''[[Command & Conquer (Beta)]]''
* ''[[Command & Conquer (Beta)]]''
* ''[[Commandos (Mega Drive)|Commandos]]''
* ''[[Commandos (Mega Drive)|Commandos]]''
* ''Death Caliber''
* ''Deer Hunter''
* ''Deer Hunter''
* ''[[Iraq War 2003]]''
* ''[[Iraq War 2003]]''

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Dragon Co.
Origin Xi'an, China
Consoles Famicom, Mega Drive, Neo-Geo
Sounds used Konami sound engine (Mostly Famicom games) PCM (Mega Drive games)
Related companies Nice Code

Dragon Co. is a Chinese pirate game company that seem to have been around from the late 1990s to about the mid-2000s. They have made games for the Famicom and Neo-Geo. The dates of most of these games are unknown, with the exception of Felix The Cat. All of their Famicom games are platformers based on cartoons. Tomsoft (Tommy Xie/Xie Rong Chun) was previously employed as a programmer by Dragon and developed their Famicom SDK in 1996. Later Dragon Co games were produced without Tomsoft. [1]

A number of ex-Dragon employees worked for Nice Code and took some resources from Dragon Co. with them, which they used to produce a number of games which are mostly graphics hacks of Dragon titles.




  • The King of Fighters 2004: Special Edition

Mega Drive

(Probably developed by Tomsoft after leaving Dragon Co.)


  • Two of Shenzhen Nanjing's titles, The Hacker and Titanic 2005, are of the same/similar quality to Dragon Co. titles; ironically, The Hacker is a hack of Felix The Cat. These were likely produced by Nice Code.
  • There is another hack of Felix The Cat titled Super Hero that can be found on DreamGear famiclones.
  • Tom & Jerry III has been hacked into Primitive, Primitive II, Primitive Man and Primitive Woman. Primitive and Primitive II is developed by Nice Code and published by Shenzen Nanjing Technology. This two version is contained story also. The Primitive Man and Primitive Woman is similar the previous versions, these appeared Power Joy multicarts.
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