Dragon Quest 8's engine is an RPG engine developed by Waixing in 1998 and was used in Dragon Quest 8 and other pirated RPGs. (most under Union Bond and/or Mars)


It plays as a simplified RPG, and only one character fights and only one enemy is faught in one battle. The D-Pad is used to select an action whether to attack, run, inventory, or go to the option screen, and the buttons activate an action. The engine has been criticized for the "Less health, less damage caused" physics which make the game far too difficult when the player is low on health.

Titanic 1912 engineEdit

The Titanic 1912 engine is an updated version of the DQVIII engine used in the game it's named after, it has the same "Less health, less damage" mechanics and uses a + shaped menu in battle. One dramatic difference is that the engine can handle more than one enemy in battle.


Games that use the DQVIII engine:

Games that use the Titanic 1912 engine: