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Dragon Running is an unlicensed racing game developed by Hummer Team. It was originally designed for a dance mat famiclone but it has since appeared elsewhere.


This game plays somewhat similarly to the 100m Dash minigame from Track & Field. The player has to go forwards by repeatedly hitting left and right on the D-pad. Obstacles will sometimes appear, which need to be jumped over by pressing up on the D-pad. After the race is finished, the player is judged on how well they did. If they did well enough, they progress to the next level.


  • There is an uncommon variant of the game titled Fast Running, which replaces the dinosaurs with human characters.
  • The menu used to select the difficulty and the menu is nearly identical to the one used in War of Strike Mouse.
  • The game reuses the music from the final level of Earthworm Jim 3