Origin Torrance, California
Years 2001-present
Consoles Plug 'n plays, Handhelds, TV console
Published games by Nice Code Software, Inventor, JungleTac, Waixing, Trump Grand, Yanshan Software, Dragon Co., Hummer Team
DreamGEAR, LLC is a distributor of unauthorized Famiclone consoles and game accessories, founded in 2001. They are among one of the few English plug 'n play companies left.

Since 2016-17, DreamGEAR rebranded all of their electronics under the brand name "My Arcade Gaming".[1]

DreamGEAR has a partnership with G-Mode, the rights holder to much of Data East's video game library, and therefore some of their games (e.g. BurgerTime) appear on some of DreamGEAR's electronics.

Hardware Edit

DreamGEAR distributes a variety of hardware, including plug 'n plays, handhelds, mini arcade cabinets, and even game consoles with built-in games.

Television games Edit

DreamGEAR 50 PnP

The 50-in-1.

Plug 'n' plays and consoles distributed by DreamGEAR. These devices are very common in malls, thrift stores, and flea markets. Their plug 'n plays most often use Nice Code's games, but their earliest plug 'n plays have JungleTac's games.

  • 15 in 1 - Small controller with 15 games
  • 30 in 1 - Small controller with 30 games
  • 45 in 1- Standard controller with 45 games
  • 50 in 1 - Standard controller with 50 games
  • 75 in 1 - Standard controller with 75 games
  • 121 in 1 - Large controller with 121 games, made by Qi Sheng Long
  • 140 in 1 - Large controller with 140 games
  • RetroPlay Controller - Small controller with 200 games.
  • GameStation - Game system that resembles a Sega Dreamcast, features 75 games
  • GameStation Retro
  • GameStation Wireless
  • Turbo GT - Steering wheel controller
  • Play-A-Long Guitar Kids - Guitar game
  • Wireless 86 in 1 - Wireless controller with 86 games
  • Wireless 130 in 1 - Wireless controller with 130 games
  • VR Table Tennis - Interactive table tennis game
  • Motion Control - Wii-style interactive game. VT03 based.
  • Tennis Rally - Wireless tennis with 40 games, made by Macro Winners

Handhelds Edit

Main article: DreamGEAR My Arcade Handhelds

Handhelds and portable arcade cabinets distributed by DreamGEAR.

Portable arcade cabinets:

  • Bad Dudes Micro Player
  • BurgerTime Micro Player
  • Caveman Ninja Micro Player
  • Data East Mini Player
  • Heavy Barrel Micro Player
  • Karate Champ Micro Player
  • Retro Machine X


  • Gamer Max Portable
  • Gamer Mini
  • Gamer V Portable
  • Gamer X Portable
  • Go Gamer Portable
  • Learning Pad
  • Pixel Classic
  • Pixel Player

References Edit

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