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Dudes with Attitude is an unlicensed NES puzzle game published by American Video Entertainment in 1990. A Famicom version of the game went on preorder in July, 2024, with a tentative August release scheduled. The preorder package also included an exclusive guide book.


The goal of Dudes With Attitude is to change the color of the playable "dude" and collect any item that’s that same color. Once everything is collected and the exit is touched, the level is over. There are a total of 32. The title screen credits two people: Michael & Cam Crick. The game is very similar to Trolls On Treasure Island. Dudes With Attitude contains a level creator and password system. A two-player mode is also present. There are six characters, or ‘Dudes’ as they are referred to, to choose from: Happy, Dude, Foxy, Babe, Patch, and Bozo.

One of the final stages, stage 31, requires the "teamwork" mode to be completed.


The original packaging.

The menu to select a Game Mode and a Dude.

The original cartridge.